If you are looking for some painted pumpkin ideas that turn a simple pumpkin into a charming work of art, you are going to be very happy you stopped by to take a look at these.

I get autumn fever every year and start scouring Pinterest, blogs, and everywhere I can think of to find unique and very creative ways to make my fall decorating capture that extra something each year. After all, who wants the boring same ol same ol when you can amp up the decorating juices a few notches by trying something different.

So, grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a stroll through the pumpkin patch with me and lets discover how some very talented ladies making lackluster pumpkins come to life.

Elegant and Sparkling Blue and White Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Elegant Blue Painted Pumpkin Ideas

This project may take some time and attention to detail, but if you want to dress your home in sophisticated style and glamour, these breathtaking pumpkins will certainly do just that. Alisa shares with us how she makes ordinary pumpkins turn into these lovely works of art with her glam pumpkin painting tutorial.

Nontraditional Pastel Pumpkins

Pastel Colored Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Kellie with Nest of Posies shares with us an easy way to break the standard tradition of painting pumpkins and shows us her idea of making feminine easy fall decorations using real pumpkins, spray paint and glitter.

Blue and White and a Touch of Glitter

Blue and White Painted Pumpkin Ideas

I promise, this is my last of the beautiful blues, but are they not absolutely gorgeous? Iandeeseelandeedo shares with us an effective way to turn a coffee table into a pretty focal point for fall. Her pumpkins look fresh and add the right touch of cool charm during a season typically sporting warmer colors. Unique= I love it!!

Splatter and Mesh Paint for Pumpkins

Splatter Stencil Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Sometimes you can get super creative with simple things around the house. Natalie with cremedelacraft shows us how she used mesh bags to stencil paint her pumpkins to give them an inexpensive chic look. You probably have some old plastic mesh bags in your home already. Produce such as fruits or onions typically come in these bags. I love how the colors come to life and create a bold and impressive work of art.

Decoupage Pumpkin Inspirations

Damask and Stencil Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Debbie with Confessions of a Plate Addict never ceases to amaze me with her beautiful sense of style and an eye for decorating. She shares with us her version of a Country Living delight featuring decoupage pumpkins. These beauties are covered in paper which actually looks like fabric. Her designs are elegant and timeless. Love the mix of orange and green.

Glazed painted pumpkin ideas

Kate with Centsational Girl has some of the most awesome creative ways she decorates for fall. These glazed pumpkins stacked in a planter or urn create true curb appeal for her home. She gave these lovely Cinderella pumpkins a bronze glaze treatment which brings out their natural beauty. This is an easy DIY with an enormous high-end look.

Gold Glitter Painted Pumpkin Idea

Gold Glitter Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Glitter just makes everything sophisticated and gorgeous, or so I think. These pumpkins are coated in sparkle and shine creating an eye-catching elegant DIY fall decorating idea. Malia with Yesterday on Tuesday teaches us how to create our own glitter painted pumpkins. You can use plastic, ceramic or real pumpkins for this lovely idea. They would look fantastic in a formal dining room.

Chevron painted pumpkin ideas

Chevron’s popularity is still going strong and creating a cute Chevron painted pumpkin is a very crafty way to add a boost of style to your front porch decor. This lovely inspiration may take a little attention to detail, but it is worth the effort when you get the finished results. Painter’s or masking tape neatly placed in the zig-zag pattern will make this design a real success.

Washi Tape Pumpkins

These crafty pumpkins are not painted but sure do look like it! Washi tape can make some really cool patterns on numerous types of materials so why not dress up your pumpkin by adding some strips of this tape and design your own fall masterpiece? Different sizes and colors give these pumpkins a personality.

Painted Pumpkin Ideas for kids

Everyone loves a fun pumpkin decorating project and these cute inspirations will be something both you and your children can do together.

Pumpkin painting ideas for kids

Kids love to paint and painting is so much cleaner than carving pumpkins. Get creative with them. All you need is a sharpie to draw the outline and paint in different colors and of course, pumpkins.  You can also add embellishments if you like such as hats, ribbons and bows.

Minion Pumpkin Tutorial

Who does not love cute and silly Minions? These little guys have been popular for a while now and your kids will love helping you create them. Lucy with Craftberry Bush shows us how to make Minion Pumpkins in her online tutorial. Thanks Lucy!

Sesame Street Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Another super cute and totally fun painted pumpkin idea for kids is Sesame Street Pumpkins. These wacky guys are colorful and will get both you and your children into the spirit of Halloween and fall decorating. Jodi with meaningful mama shows us how she, her husband and children paint Sesame Street pumpkins.

Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Another fun idea for making pumpkins turn into characters for fall! Spider Man and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The kids will love how they turn out when finished. Louise with Messy Little Monster helped her children paint these character pumpkins.

More Awesome Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Monogrammed Pumpkin


Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Black and white painted pumpkin ideas