DIY Side Table Ideas Using Concrete

DIY Side Table Ideas

I have been looking for some unique side table ideas to make tables for my living room. I kind of want something crafty and creative but have no clue where to start. At first, I checked out the local furniture stores thinking about taking the easy way out and just purchase a few, but most were way off budget or looked like the same thing you can find everywhere else. Who wants to be just like everyone else? Nope, not me, I want to stand out from the crowd. So, I started looking for some DIY tutorials for crafty (but not too difficult) side tables that will help me freshen up my living room decor. I am super excited to say I found some really neat ways to create a cute table…

Lightweight Cement Side Table

DIY Side Table Ideas Using Concrete

This side table idea captured my attention pretty quickly. I think it looks awesome not to mention very artsy. It would work perfectly in my living room. How on Earth can you make a table out of concrete and it not weigh a ton? Yea, I was wondering the same thing so check out the entire step-by-step tutorial to find out how to make this really light concrete table.

Rustic Natural Log Side Table


Wood and logs are popular for home decor these days, especially if you are trying to achieve a rustic or country style look. If you try to purchase one of these babies from a specialty furniture store, you will more than likely face a hefty price tag. Rather than dump your hard-earned money on a small table, why not just make it yourself for a fraction of the cost? This side table idea for log/wood slice accent furniture turned out unbelievably charming. It is not as hard to make as you may think, find out how to build one of your own.

Make a Side Table Out of Wood Pallets

Pallet End Table

Wooden pallets used to be used for nothing other than to transport products of some sort. Nowadays they have become infamous for all sorts of crafty ways to create lovely decor and furnishings for homes. I have been inspired by the ways you can turn a simple pallet into something delightfully appealing. I personally would paint mine a bold color because I just love lots of colors for my home however anything goes with these. Want to try out your first pallet table idea? If so, you should check out these endless ways to create a cute pallet table.

The Perfect Wooden End Table



If you are trying to find side table ideas that more closely match the types of furniture you would see at your local furniture store, this beautiful and very practical table is a win-win.

It features a lovely finish and plenty of shelf space to keep all of the things you need right at your finger tips. I think the dark stain finished top and bottom are gorgeous with the white middle shelf and table legs. Want to build yours? Just check out this easy tutorial.

Crate Style Side Table Ideas


Another way to create an awesome table whether it is a side table or a nice coffee table is by building it from wooden crates. What a great repurpose idea! The table pictured above is so unique that it makes it the perfect conversational piece of furniture. If you are interested in discovering how you can turn a simple wooden crate into a beautiful home furnishing, just head over here to find out more.


Fabulous Living Room Decorating Ideas that Recharge Your Home’s Personality

Are you looking for some inspirational living room decorating ideas for your upcoming home makeover project? Perhaps you just moved into a new home and need some great decorating tips that will make your living room cozy and welcoming. Stick around and let me show you some of my favorite ways to create a living room that is anything but boring.

A living room should feel just as its name suggests “lived in.” It should be tidy, but cozy and welcoming.

Here are some Living Room Decorating Ideas that totally make the cut!


Myquillyn of Nesting Place sure knows how to decorate a gorgeous living room! She has adorned her wall behind the sofa with a series of lovely family photos and wall art making it very attractive. The white sofa adds an airy and calming look to the room while the soft feather filled throw pillows invite you to settle in with a great book. I personally adore the blue washed table top, lamp and charming end table she selected. Keeping your living room decor simple with everything having its own place makes your home both functional and beautiful.

living room decorating ideas

Krista with The Happy Housie shows off her gorgeous living room. This is one of the most creative living room decorating ideas that I have stumbled upon. Nothing speaks cottage style splashed with a romantic feel like adding lots of white or neutral tones and finishing them up with pops of color. Notice how she creates a focal point of wall art behind her comfy sofa? The yellows, greens and light floral colors all are perfectly warm for a nice summer tone. Most of her art is either thrift store finds or handmade which makes this cute living room very budget friendly and doable!


I am a sucker for orange. I don’t know why, I just love it. It is common to see this amazing color during the months of fall, but don’t pass up the chance to make it a part of your decor all year round. Jenny with House of Hue shares with us a living room decorating idea that deserves a second glance. The end tables and throw pillows are simple do-it-yourself finds. She keeps things minimal to avoid making her living room look busy or cluttered. When you want your room to stand out, add punches of bold colors throughout and you will be amazed at the look.


Kate with Centsational Girl shows us how touches of coral can make a living room feel and look warm and friendly. Light colored furniture and lots of white make even smaller living rooms feel larger. Allowing plenty of light to enter into the room either naturally through windows or by artificial means will really dress your room to impress.

If you are looking for quick and easy living room decorating ideas, try redecorating with throw pillows. Simply changing up the accent pillows in your room can really make a world of difference in how your decor looks. You can change them out for the seasons as well as for the holidays. Mix them up with different sizes to add some variations in your decor.

Dresser Makeover Idea with Stencil

I have been looking for the perfect dresser makeover idea since I have a few that I have inherited which need some serious TLC. Right now the dressers are covered in an ugly varnish that appears to be layers deep on one of them. Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me. This job is going to require a lot of sanding to get all of that decades old varnish off, but I know a beautiful wood grain design is patiently waiting to be revealed.

So I ventured out into blog land to find some inspiration and much needed advice on how to get this project underway and boy did I discover some amazing dresser makeovers that turn plain old blah looking furniture into super cute and charming pieces that are fit for any home. The only problem I have now is deciding which of these ideas I will use for my furniture makeover project. They are all are amazing, it makes it hard to choose. Take a look and tell me what you think?

Very Creative and Inspirational Dresser Makeover Ideas


Kate with Centsational Girl shows us how she transforms a plain pine dresser from IKEA into a gorgeous coastal theme meets modern style piece of bedroom furniture. The soft blue burlap fabric and nickel ring pulls for the drawers are such a refreshing way to make a splash with this dresser makeover idea.

Dresser Makeover Idea with Stencil

Another amazing dresser makeover idea that I love is this bright and playful style. Linda with Burlap + Blue shares with us her charming dresser transformation. She took a rather plain and easily overlooked chest of drawers and created a catchy piece with pops of cool blue.

Dresser Makeover Idea with Stencil 1

Never underestimate the power of a gorgeous hand painted dresser! Marian at Miss Mustard Seed is so talented. She bought an old dresser that looked like a train wreck from the 70’s and with every paint stroke she carefully turned it from boring retro into sweet and shabby chic.

Painted Distressed Dresser Makeover Idea

You do not have to have a huge decorating budget to create beautiful pieces of furniture. Most of the time all it takes is a watchful eye for a great yard sale deal and a creative mind. To prove this theory, Christina at The Frugal Homemaker shows us how she paid $25.00 for this dresser at a flea market and with some paint, brushes and inspiration, she turned it into a work of art.

Coral Dresser Makeover Idea

I am completely smitten by this beautiful coral dresser! This dresser once was a deep dark wood varnish with old and dated pulls. Yea it was over the top vintage but desperately needed a style revamp. Now it boasts a warm and inviting coral (pink salmon paint) which brought back to life this tired and dying antique.

how to paint furniture

I bet you are really intrigued and would love to learn how to paint your furniture. It is easier than you think. All you need is inspiration, a dresser regardless if it is new or old, a sander and/or sandpaper, paint, primer, paint brushes, paint thinner and supplies. You now have what it takes to make a custom dresser for your home. Let’s start painting!

Repurpose Shutter DIY Headboard

If you are looking for DIY Headboard Inspiration, get ready to be impressed by these awesome ideas from my fellow bloggers. Whether you need a simple design, carefree country or classy elegance, there is a style that will turn your much-needed yet daunting bed makeover into a fun and easy DIY project.

Cheap and Easy Crate DIY Headboard

Bonnie with Going Home to Roost shows us her rustic reclaimed crate DIY headboard. This idea is very budget friendly and quite eye-catching. Made out of scrap crates meant to be thrown away, all she had to do was purchase some string lights behind it to give it even more personality.

Tufted Fabric DIY Headboard

A tufted fabric headboard is both classy and elegant. Sara M. Dorsey reveals her stunning project along with how to instructions. I think the yellow and blends of gray really compliment her bedroom. Unique designs and shades of color bring out the wow factor in your home decor.

Repurpose Shutter DIY Headboard

Old wooden shutters may look like trash to some people but they are actually a goldmine! There are endless ways you can repurpose these traditional home fixtures into charming pieces of home decor. This gorgeous reclaimed shutter DIY Headboard is the perfect example of turning old finds into awesome treasures.

West Elm Morocco DIY Headboard

Turn rubber floor mats found at your every day department store into a lovely West Elm Morocco DIY Headboard. Now this is impressive! Just open your creative mind and look around. You will be surprised at the simple objects that you can find and work with to turn them into amazing items for your home.

Patchwork DIY Headboard

This sweet DIY headboard caught my attention. Like a patchwork quilt, this design blends simplicity and country charm with a vintage flair. You could choose any type and pattern of fabric you want and create some of these for different seasons of the year. Simply change them out. Achieve a bedroom makeover in minutes! Totally love this look.


For those of us who love the beach, this beach theme bedroom idea using a lovely homemade headboard decorated with attractive string lights is the perfect way to cozy up your nest. This creation was made from wood planks which can be screwed into a wooden backing such as plywood or firmly affixed with wood glue. Hang it up with some sturdy hooks on your wall and string up some lights of your choice. A fairly practical design turns an ordinary bed into a beach cottage dream.


I love Molly’s simple yet lovely bedroom. Notice her barn door headboard? She did not share a tutorial on this however my best guess is to get yourself a barn door, paint it, sand it down or finish it any way you want. You could add side pieces of wood, a top, maybe a shelf, and fashion it to your liking then watch it reveal its own perfect country style. What a crafty and inspiring idea.


Maybe you need a cute little personalized bedroom update for your daughter. Most little girls would adore this easy idea. Get some wooden planks somewhere such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, stain them or paint them and after adding her name to the boards, screw them into the wall one by one and you have a nice and sturdy headboard for your little girl. I think it is adorable!

Do you have a headboard idea you would like to share? If so please let me know, we would all love to see it!

Decorating with burlap flower vases

Decorating with Burlap

Decorating with burlap is an easy and charming way to create a rustic and woodsy feel in your home decor.

If you are in love with the open country and southern charm, I invite you to use these super easy ideas to dress your home in burlap.

Decorating with burlap flower vases

An easy way to create flower vases with rustic appeal is the use of burlap. This design is simply mason jars filled with water and fresh wild daises. The jars are wrapped with a piece of lace accented burlap which is usually glued on and cute little twine ties on the top of the jar. Simple yet charming and perfect for home decor or weddings.

decorating with burlap wreath ideas

Another gorgeous idea for decorating with burlap is to create a lovely whimsical wreath and personalize it with a letter. Chevron is totally in right now so mingle some chevron colored burlap ribbon throughout your wreath and tie it up pretty with a lovely bow. This is a cute little piece of what I like to call country love. What a fantastic and inviting wreath for your door!

decorating with burlap table runner

Table runners can be made of burlap too. This one is a lovely mix of country style burlap striped with gold. Keeping it both rustic and elegant. Thanks for sharing this idea live the fancy life. live the fancy life

Decorating with burlap chair cushionsAnother terrific idea is to create chair cushions from burlap. It really changes the look of the entire chair. Distressed chairs are excellent for this project. I think I am in love with this chair! Liz Marie Blog did wonderfully when creating this chair cushion.

decorating with burlap throw pillows

Burlap accent pillows are some of the best ways to add a touch of country to your home. Add designs, lace, words and frills for an extra feminine touch. You just cannot have too many pretty throw pillows.

decorating with burlap wall decor

Lisa with mabeyshemadeit shows us how to make gorgeous wall art when she is decorating with burlap such as these cute canvases featuring stenciled on decor or pinned arrangements. Think about how sweet this art would be hanging behind your bed or sofa.

decorating with burlap wedding ideasDon’t forget the ideas that you can use with baskets. Ribbons, lace and burlap work great together. This particular photo shows items ready for a country wedding. Love the cute little ring bearer pillow featuring burlap and lace.

decorating with burlap curtains

Adorn your windows with simple burlap curtains. So breezy, sheer and simple.

More very chic Decorating Ideas with Burlap

decoraring with burlap wall art

This burlap butterfly print is striking and features delicate rustic beauty. It will work wonders for any room.

decorating with burlap wreaths

Debbie with confessions of a plate addict introduces us to a wreath which would be a lovely addition for your spring decor. The simple burlap wrap, pretty dogwood branches and adorable bird’s next make a nice wreath for Easter. Take off the nest and you can use the wreath for spring and summer.

decorating with burlap wreath and ribbons

Here is another amazing burlap wreath created by Debbie. This one mingles country charm with elegance. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed all of these terrific ideas. Now we can all start decorating with burlap and really give our homes a new look. If you have any decorating ideas you would like to share, let me know!

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