Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving Decorations

I have been thinking about Thanksgiving decorations since this festive time of year is just around the corner. Most people naturally start thinking about decorating for Christmas but we really should not overlook the chance to create a lovely and inviting home for our guests during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Even though the décor for Thanksgiving is very similar to the ideas you may use in your fall decorating, there are also some extra embellishments you can add to create a stunning Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece, a thankful fall fireplace mantel, a charming and welcoming front porch and much more.
So, why not sit back, relax and let me introduce you to some of the best ways to turn your home into a customized and fully decorated abode that your guests of all ages are sure to love?

Thanksgiving table Decorations

Let’s face it, this is the holiday that revolves around the dinner table. There are tons of amazing ways to dress up an otherwise plain and boring dining room and turn it into a gracious eatery.Thanksgiving Table Ideas

This charming Thanksgiving table idea shared by  is a great mixture of orange and blue. It inspires a sense of southern country delight and warmth that is sure to make a festive room to host your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations with squash

The elegance that you can create with butternut squash!  A simple item found in your grocery store produce section during harvest time is a perfect item to use for creative table decor. Mix it up with pieces of greenery and a bowl of walnuts as seen in this picture. Get creative and you will be surprised by what you can do with a squash.

Country-Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving Table Decorations are some of the easiest ways to dress up your table on a budget and make it fit for some holiday charm because many items you can use are right in your own yard. Pine cones and wood slices are a great way to add some rustic earthy personality to your decor for Thanksgiving or for Christmas. This is just a super sweet look for a Thanksgiving table. Elegant and charming.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Even if you have a small dining room table you can still make it warm and inviting by dressing it up with Thanksgiving decorations such as miniature pumpkins and sweet candles or a candle votive. Line it with a table runner and you are ready for dinner. All that is missing is the meal.

Front porch ideas for Thanksgiving

Show the neighbors and all passerby’s that you have the holiday spirit by giving your porch a touch of thankful charm.

Thanksgiving Decorations

This is a cute little setup on this front porch. A nicely crafted and painted wooden turkey turns fall theme decor into a Thanksgiving ready home.

Thanksgiving Porch Ideas

Dress up a rocking chair with a throw and a lovely fall theme throw pillow. Add some mums and other simple harvest related items and watch your porch beam with Thanksgiving pride. Photo courtesy of One Sutton Place.

Thanksgiving Decorations for your porch

This is a simple yet effective design to create some Thanksgiving spirit on your front porch. I love the little plaque. Very cute. Thanks to for sharing.

Thanksgiving Door Wreath

Don’t forget a charming Thanksgiving wreath is a must have for dressing up your plain door for the holiday. It is the ideal way to invite your guests into your home.

Thanksgiving Fireplace Mantel Decorations

The chances are you will probably be using your fireplace during the Thanksgiving holiday and therefore it will be quite the focal point for those that want to warm their hands and feet when coming in from the brisk cold. Even if the climate in your area does not warrant a nice warm fire by the time Thanksgiving arrives, you can still create a mantel that boasts some serious class during this time of year.

Thanksgiving Decorations for Interior Decorating

Even though this is not the fireplace mantel, I thought it was a must share because it is such a cute way to dress up the area surrounding the fireplace for Thanksgiving or fall. Very pretty, don’t you think?  Thanks for sharing with us Pink Texas Chick.

Thanksgiving Mantel Ideas

Homemade garland to drape upon your fireplace is not only a unique way to make Thanksgiving Decorations but it is also super fun. This mantel is full of the Thanksgiving spirit boasting pilgrims, pumpkins, leaf garland and more.

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

A simple way to make your fireplace mantel happy. A repurposed old window gets dressed up for the holiday. Very charming!

If you liked these ideas, be sure to check out our other Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas.

fall decorations

Fall Decorations

When I think of fall decorations, I cannot help but think about the amazing ways I can make my front porch ready for the brisk and colorful autumn days that lie ahead.  What better time is there than to spend sitting on the porch wrapped in a snug throw and sipping on some warm cocoa or a nice cup of hot tea? All I can say is it is my absolute favorite season of the year.

Whether my porch is adorned in happy and oddly shaped pumpkins or filled with a mixture of colorful mums, I am always delighted to find a neat idea to feature on my front porch each year.

Well, if you are looking for some great fall decorations to make your home warm and welcoming this season, here are some inspirations I have found to share with you for autumn 2014.

fall decorations2What a playful fall scene! I think the birdhouses adorned in colorful autumn garland add an extra special touch to this seasonal porch. What do you think?

fall decorations13

Create a unique focal point on your patio or front porch with an old wooden wheelbarrow. Fill it with an assortment of pumpkins, gourds or butternut squash and you have a nice little fall harvest scene.

fall decorations12

I have always been a fan of all things antique, country or vintage inspired. This charming front porch idea does not disappoint. The old wooden barrel and some simple distressed wooden drawers mix matched in a stacked fashion atop the bench just makes this home feel warm and lived in.

fall decorations11

Repurposing is a great way to create eye-catching decor. This interesting idea for fall decorations boasts an old cabinet perched upon a table and features a few simple yet lovely pieces for fall.

fall decorations 10

Even a wooden wagon wheel should never be tossed aside in the barn. This home is so homey and fall ready.

fall decorations9

Adding chair cushions that reflect the colors of fall, along with strips of burlap ribbon, pumpkins and sweet wreaths are an easy way to make your front porch an invitational haven.

fall decorations8

Dress up your door with some unique and impressive fall decorations. Grapevine wreaths can be used for any season. This lovely design is both rustic with a tad bit of elegance. This is the perfect way to add loads of curb appeal to your home.

fall decorations7

Fall leaf garland is a simple way to dress up your windows or door frame. Add a few little pumpkins to add some color to your doorsteps and mini flower pots will give your porch railings some personality.

fall decorations6

Mums and more mums. You just cannot go wrong with them.

fall decorations5

A fun fall project is painting your pumpkins. Do you want to make them glamorous? Paint them in metallic paints such as silver and gold. What a bold and classy way to make a statement.

fall decorations4

This porch beams with sweet and simple country pride. A wagon filled with some fall harvest will give an instant fall ready look to your porch of front yard. Thank you for sharing with us!

fall decorations3

Don’t forget the hay bails and rakes as they are effective ways to bring in the autumn days when you add them to your fall decorations.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

I am crazy about pumpkin decorating ideas in the fall and who is to blame me when you can dress them this cute!

There are crazy pumpkin faces, scary and creepy pumpkins, adorable pumpkins and so many more. If I were to decorate my pumpkins with all of these sweet ideas… Well, let’s just say I would never have time to do anything else.

So what do you think about these Cute Pumpkins?

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

This crafty mix of pumpkins is so cute. Like patchwork for a quilt, the designs on the orange and gray pumpkins make the whole scene feel warm and country. The friendly and smiling pumpkin is a happy addition.

pumpkin decorating ideas

Cookie cutters are perfect tools to use for carving some neat designs into your pumpkins this fall. Once you are done with your creative artwork, simply add a light and watch it glow. How festive!

pumpkin decorating ideas

This would be a fun project for both mom and kids.  Paint a few of your pumpkins white and exercise your inner artist by drawing some crazy faces. Stack them and presto, you have a fun fall/Halloween pumpkin stack!

pumpkin decorating ideas

Another really fun project with your kids. Glue on some really wacky faces and make your pumpkins come to life.  Create a family of pumpkins and place them upon your doorsteps so they can greet your guests.  You can find felt, sponge and other types of craft materials at places such as Hobby Lobby or any of your local craft stores.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Corn husks are some all natural items that you can use to make your pumpkins super creative. Simply glue them on your pumpkins and smooth them down evenly. What an eye-catching design.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Dress a shelf with a wealth of pumpkins! These pumpkin decorating ideas are so varied yet they are all cute.  Here we see a variety of black pumpkins, a spider pumpkin, sweet carved white pumpkin, felt button design, bold stripes, black lace and little mini designs.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Call me a little partial but I really love the simplicity of this pumpkin. Maybe it is my southern roots shining through. He is so sweetly dressed in one elegant ribbon and neatly tucked into an old wooden crate box.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Paint some pumpkins dazzling white and make them demand attention with some attractive neon polka dots and ribbon. I would certainly take a second glance back at this little design.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Wow! This decorator is talented.  Halloween blended with some mysterious and Gothic allure.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Metallic paint can really add some sparkle to your pumpkins. Add some jewel crafts and get creative and you will have some amazing pumpkins to adorn your home.

I invite you to check out more of our fall decorating ideas.

Don’t forget our fall blogger favorites.


Our Favorite Blogger Fall Decorating Ideas Outside

I  am delighted to share with you some of the best fall decorating ideas outside featuring some very talented bloggers and their awesome fall creations. I invite you to make your house turn into a warm and welcoming home this autumn season by trying out these lovely inspirations.

Fall Decorating IdeasMake your front porch boast some charming farm-house style like Courtenay with Creek Line House does with her farm style fall porch. The plaid blankets give the design a warm and welcoming feel and I adore the wall art.

fall decorating ideas outside

If you love the beach and you love decorating for fall you will fall in love with this porch brought to us by Suzy with

fall decorating ideas outside

Suzy’s unique fall wreath ranges from the lovely classic fall colors and arrangements that we are accustomed to with a twist of beach love by splashing some pumpkins with an ocean refreshing blue paint. Can we say awesome!

fall decorating ideas outside

Becca at Adventures in Decorating has created the perfect blend of simple autumn love mingled with a dash of cute.  This is a super easy way to make the entry way to your home fall ready and inviting.

fall decorating ideas outside

Glitter Glue and Paint has this fall decor thing all figured out.  Mums are almost a must have if you want to bring color to your fall porch.  A happy scarecrow makes it even more inviting for your guests.

Fall Decorating Ideas Outside

Notice the lovely wreath she has on her door. Burlap gives it a wholesome country feel and the punches of fall color gives this door some wonderful personality.

fall decorating ideas outside

Mary Beth with Cupcakes and Crinoline shares with us her delightful fall porch decorating idea. The orange toned floral vines she uses to top off her door really makes it stand out.  This sweet design idea is both simple in style yet fashioned with a touch of elegance. I really love the black door with the orange and burlap draped to frame it.

fall decorating ideas outside

Giving the door a bit of a rustic feel, Mary Beth chose a grapevine wreath, simple burlap ribbon fashioned with some sweet corduroy acorns.  Very unique and interesting.

Fall Decorating Ideas Outside

KY girl photography keeps it simple yet so very cute. A small child’s chair can easily be used to feature happy and playful farm style scarecrows and other sweet decorations for fall. Perch them on your porch, set a few pumpkins and mums around them and watch how your porch comes to life with these little guys.

fall decorating ideas outside

Deborah from Dirt Simple gets creative with her charming fall decorating ideas outside. She gathers tall grasses to make an attractive display and uses several sizes of pumpkins and gourds to create an abundant display of harvest.

If you enjoyed the lovely fall decorating ideas above, be sure to check out some more of my favorite ways to dress your home for fall!

Fall Decorating Ideas     More Amazing Ways to Decorate for Fall            Autumn Love

Decorative hay bales

Decorative Hay Bales

Did you know decorative hay bales can really turn your yard into a fun and festive place during the fall? Fall may not be officially here but it is just around the corner and on my quest for some more awesome fall decorating ideas I have discovered some unique hay bales that deserve some attention. Who would have thought you could turn a bale of hay into such a work of art?

These amazing hay bales are brought to us by quaint little farming towns all over the USA. The little farming town I live in will be featuring some charming hay bale art in the near future and I will be sure to venture out and capture some of those images and post them for you. In the meantime, check out these inspiring outdoors decorating ideas for fall.

hay bale artThe cute yet mysterious black cat is featured as hay bale art. This little dude blends fall and Halloween together.

decorative hay baleDon’t you just love the cute little owl and the cat that add some sweet charm to these hay bales that dress up the rolling hills of Montana?

hay bale artCookie Monster awaits the guests to this farm home. Just don’t steal any of his cookies!

Decorative Hay BalesThis artist did a fine job bringing Snoopy to life with these decorative hay bales. I wish I was this talented. Don’t you?

Decorative Hay BalesThese M & Ms are sweet and sassy!

Hay Bale ArtA simple yet cute pumpkin turns a hay bale into a pretty fall decorating idea. I really like this little guy.

Decorative Hay BalesMore bright and happy pumpkins fashioned from hay bales. These would also work great stacked out by your drive way, curb or close to your mail box. Line them with some mums and scarecrows to really load up the idea of fall.

Hay Bale ArtOkay, I really love this one. It is so charming and very welcoming. It has a laid back country life feel to it and would look so cute in my front yard. Thanks for sharing with us The Lettered Cottage!

Decorative Hay BalesI adore this next pretty hay bale idea from A burlap bow, some colorful flowers, straw bales, pumpkins and a charming plaque placed next to the road or your driveway will instantly create a welcoming entrance for your guests and adds serious curb appeal.

Decorative Hay BalesThis hay bale art is amazing. A talented artist painted a lovely picture on these bales and stacked them for a beautiful show of fall decor.

Decorative Hay BalesGet ready for Halloween with this witch theme hay bale art.

Decorative Hay BalesNow what farm would be complete without a big green tractor? This is a super creative fall decorating idea with bale art turning hay into a classy John Deere. I love it!

Decorative Hay BalesLast but certainly not least, to satisfy our craving for something really sweet, we have this super sized cupcake made of hay. It really looks tasty enough to take a big bite out of it. How artsy!

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at some wonderful hay bale art designs and be sure to check back with me for more great decorating ideas.

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