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fall decorations

Fall Decorations

When I think of fall decorations, I cannot help but think about the amazing ways I can make my front porch ready for the brisk and colorful autumn days that lie ahead.  What better time is there than to spend sitting on the porch wrapped in a snug throw and sipping on some warm cocoa or a nice cup of hot tea? All I can say is it is my absolute favorite season of the year.

Whether my porch is adorned in happy and oddly shaped pumpkins or filled with a mixture of colorful mums, I am always delighted to find a neat idea to feature on my front porch each year.

Well, if you are looking for some great fall decorations to make your home warm and welcoming this season, here are some inspirations I have found to share with you for autumn 2014.

fall decorations2What a playful fall scene! I think the birdhouses adorned in colorful autumn garland add an extra special touch to this seasonal porch. What do you think?

fall decorations13

Create a unique focal point on your patio or front porch with an old wooden wheelbarrow. Fill it with an assortment of pumpkins, gourds or butternut squash and you have a nice little fall harvest scene.

fall decorations12

I have always been a fan of all things antique, country or vintage inspired. This charming front porch idea does not disappoint. The old wooden barrel and some simple distressed wooden drawers mix matched in a stacked fashion atop the bench just makes this home feel warm and lived in.

fall decorations11

Repurposing is a great way to create eye-catching decor. This interesting idea for fall decorations boasts an old cabinet perched upon a table and features a few simple yet lovely pieces for fall.

fall decorations 10

Even a wooden wagon wheel should never be tossed aside in the barn. This home is so homey and fall ready.

fall decorations9

Adding chair cushions that reflect the colors of fall, along with strips of burlap ribbon, pumpkins and sweet wreaths are an easy way to make your front porch an invitational haven.

fall decorations8

Dress up your door with some unique and impressive fall decorations. Grapevine wreaths can be used for any season. This lovely design is both rustic with a tad bit of elegance. This is the perfect way to add loads of curb appeal to your home.

fall decorations7

Fall leaf garland is a simple way to dress up your windows or door frame. Add a few little pumpkins to add some color to your doorsteps and mini flower pots will give your porch railings some personality.

fall decorations6

Mums and more mums. You just cannot go wrong with them.

fall decorations5

A fun fall project is painting your pumpkins. Do you want to make them glamorous? Paint them in metallic paints such as silver and gold. What a bold and classy way to make a statement.

fall decorations4

This porch beams with sweet and simple country pride. A wagon filled with some fall harvest will give an instant fall ready look to your porch of front yard. Thank you for sharing with us!

fall decorations3

Don’t forget the hay bails and rakes as they are effective ways to bring in the autumn days when you add them to your fall decorations.

autumn decorating ideas

10 Amazing Autumn Decorating Ideas for your Front Porch

Brighten your front porch this fall with some autumn decorating ideas that create serious curb appeal.

Decorating for fall  is so much fun and it does not have to break the bank.  Whether you want to add just a few cute items to your porch that will draw your visitors in for a closer look or you want to make a bold statement showing the world how much you love the new and colorful season, I am excited to share with you some awesome ideas that my fellow bloggers have put together.  I cannot wait to try one of them for my porch this year.  The only problem is deciding upon which one because they are all so charming!

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Just Paint It

I could go on and on about how welcoming and cute this front porch decorating idea truly is but the picture says it all. Sweet southern charm at its finest. Even scraps like old wood can be painted and turned into a weathered looking Welcome sign. Straw wreaths are fun to decorate for fall. Pillow cases that feature fall designs or colors add a bold touch to a chair and this one does not disappoint. The scene would not be complete without the pumpkin and mums.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Stone Gable

This little front porch idea for autumn is so simple and clever. A fall colored throw draped over the back of a chair, some stacked pumpkins, and additions of mums and neutral colored candles are great ways to add some fall appeal to your front porch.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Adventures in Decorating

Are you worried you do not have a large enough porch to decorate? No fear! This idea is so lovely, warm and attractive. I think this dressed up chair is one of my favorite autumn decorating ideas.

Wagon Love!

Autumn Decorating Ideas

Do you have a wagon, wheelbarrow, wash tub or a large basket around the house? Put them to use with this pretty fall decorating idea. Load them up with pumpkins, gourds, straw, fall leaves, burlap and ribbons and watch the transformation from empty and drab to cuteness and fab.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of My Soulful Home
Mix and match different types and colors of pumpkins anywhere from the type you grow in the garden to the ones you get in the craft or decor section at the store. Place them in planters and on pedestals to add depth to your autumn decor. This autumn decorating idea works great next to your door or placed along porch steps.

Autumn Decorating IdeasColor is key to a great looking autumn front porch. Orange adds zest and enhances the look of fall. This sweet front porch idea is so inviting.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Fifi LePew

If you like birdhouses you will love this little idea. This will create an attractive perch upon your front porch banisters or on a table.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Old Centennial Farmhouse

I am in love with this porch! Talking about sweet southern charm. The wagon wheel draped with a homemade pineapple quilt, cornstalks, mums, pumpkins and gourds make this little porch corner demand to be the center of attention.

Autumn Decorating Ideas
Large pots and baskets of mums of different colors add variety and interest to your front porch. Create a fall theme garland for your door to make it even more inviting.

Autumn Decorating IdeasScarecrows add some playfulness to fall decor. This front porch is full of fall fun!

fall decorating ideas beautiful

Fall Decorating Ideas

I don’t know about you but I get so excited thinking about fall decorating ideas. Before the heat of summer ends I start searching for ways to get my home fall ready. The cooler temperature and the colorful display of tree leaves seems to cast a magical spell over me.

While searching for a source of inspiration to add a touch of autumn chill to my home decor, I have stumbled upon some awesome ideas that I am thrilled to share with you. They are all so great I just cannot decide which ones I like best. What are your thoughts?

Fall Decorating Ideas and Sources of Inspiration

fall decorating ideasPumpkins, potted kale and homemade garland fashioned out of clippings found in the garden really make this front porch a treat for the eyes.

fall decorating ieasSlightly vintage mantel decor for fall fashioned from pumpkins and rustic finds. Really love this!

fall decorating ideasIt is all about being creative when experimenting with fall decorating ideas and this little set up does not disappoint. I think the pumpkins adorned in ribbon are so creative.

fall decorating ideasTurn an empty corner of your porch into a charming autumn style focal point.

Simple finds around the home can be added to make the look work. This step-ladder turns into a cute perch for the different sized pumpkins to pop out and greet your visitors.

Fall Decorating IdeasGet creative. Miniature pumpkins are easily turned into pretty little candle votives.

Fall Decorating IdeasThis is a super cute fall or Halloween party decorating idea. Simply use straight pins to attach fresh button mums of different colors to a medium-sized pumpkin and stand back in awe! Be sure to put your pumpkin in the fridge until time for the party to keep it fresh.

Fall Decorating IdeasFall is a great time to add some seasonal color to your front door and what better way to do it than with a wreath. This wreath boasts southern charm and is so pretty.

Fall Decorating IdeasPumpkins, mums and Mexican sage are perfect ways to add some quick additions of color to your front porch steps.

Fall Decorating IdeasA mailbox is the perfect spot to bedazzle any passerby with your creative sense for decor. This one is so seasonal and full of cheer.

Fall Decorating IdeasDress your fireplace mantel or a shelf to impress.  Cute mini pumpkins and gourds are so easy to work with. Add some fall leaves into the mix and a dish of candy corn and you have an eye-catching piece.

fall decorating ideas

Add a touch of autumn to your dining room table. Napkins in shades such as orange, yellow or brown work great.  Add a pretty little bouquet of mums and colorful candles to create a soft mood. Dress it up with a touch of rustic flair with chunks of cut wood.  Your options are endless when you start working with fall decorating ideas.

Fall Decorating IdeasWho could forget the happy scarecrows of fall?  I love this little addition to this front porch. The pumpkins and mums stacked in a planter and topped with a bow are very charming and the vibrant leaf garland compliments the door.

What do you think about these fall decorating ideas? Let me know your thoughts!

country porch ideas

Country Porch Decorating Ideas

If you live in a remote area off the beaten path, country porch decorating ideas are a sure way to make you feel right at home.

Maybe you live in the city but your heart yearns for a slower pace in life and a porch style that is sure to offer a relaxing retreat. Either way, there are many unique ways to add a touch of down home to your front porch.

Grab a glass of your favorite tea or lemonade and hang around with me while I share with you some amazing ways to give your porch some southern charm.

Country Porch Decorating Ideas

Many people love a cozy country-style porch. They are not hard to pick out from the rest if you ever decide to take a drive and see if you can spot this type of porch.

Most offer simple designs boasting porch swings and old-fashioned rockers. Often times wicker style furniture with plump cushions is used. Larger homes such as farmhouses can be seen with wrap-around style porches that either wraps one corner of the home or it will span the entire front section of the home.

Country Porch Decorating ideas

Designing your porch… There are several options to design this porch. You can choose to build a screened-in porch which is excellent for protecting you and your guests from bugs during the summer.

Open wall porch designs allow for direct contact with nature and loads of sunlight and breeze to flow in.

Country Porch Decorating Ideas

Lattice porch skirts is an easy way to create a friendly southern style porch. The lattice can be painted any color of your choosing and matched up with some colorful front porch furniture or left white as seen above.

Other ways to make your lattice style porch fencing exhibit country charm is by growing vines or climbing flowers through the weaves of the lattice. This makes a beautiful and natural canopy for your porch which will help provide shade as well as a hummingbird and butterfly attraction depending upon the plant styles you choose.

Charming Country Porch Decorating Ideas

Hanging baskets of flowers, old time floor rugs and afghans are sure to bring out the southern delight on your front porch.

Country Porch Decorating

Old barrels, crates, spare end tables and plenty of rocking chairs are top choices in recreating grandmas front porch.

Country Porch Decorating Ideas

Even if you have a small porch, you will be amazed at the ways you can make it stand out and demand attention. Love the table with the country floral tablecloth. Very inviting!

Country Porch Decorating Ideas

Add some rustic style to your front porch. When many of us think country we think about lots of thick woods, untamed flowers and plants growing in the wild and the beautiful scenes that nature has to offer. If this sounds like your idea of living, you will probably fall in love with a rustic porch design. Log furniture such as porch swings, chairs and tables really add a western touch to your country porch.

If you love country or rustic style decor, I recommend you check out Cabin Place. They have a wealth of charming decor for your home.

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winter porch ideas

Winter Decorating Ideas

Most of us do not think about winter decorating ideas when the temperatures start dropping and we spend more time indoors, but winter can be the perfect season to find amazing ways to decorate your front porch.

I am eager to share with you some wonderful inspirations to get your creative juices flowing for a cute winter theme for your porch.

Winter Decorating Ideas

Blue silk Poinsettias are not only reserved for Christmas joy. This simple winter decor adds elegance to this small front porch design. Sapphire and royal blue as well as silver make lovely winter decorating ideas as these colors are cool and crisp.

Winter Decorating Ideas

Love this country scene. Cute bird house design sprinkled with snow and winter berries as well as a basket filled with leftover Christmas balls and pieces of greenery perched upon a table create a pretty accent piece. Photo courtesy of Life in My Empty Nest

Winter Decorating Ideas

This is one of the easiest winter decorating ideas.

All you need is pine cones, cuts of evergreen, burlap ribbon, wooden or foam craft stars (any color of your choice) and a container. Whimsical beauty. Photo courtesy of Blue Clear Sky

Winter Decorating Ideas

Why leave your flower pots bear during the winter months? This fresh design adds striking curb appeal to this home.

Winter Decorating Ideas

Country and spunky is the theme of this vintage style decor. Love how they make use of the old and tattered and bring it back to life with branches of evergreen and plaid that pops! Photo courtesy of Electicallyvintage

Winter Decorating ideas

Old metal buckets and tin cans are put to good use on this porch. Amazing how easy evergreens and pine cones create a beautiful winter scene. Photo courtesy of Craftberry Bush


Winter charm with snow-covered steps leading up to a pretty Christmas porch.

Lovely Snowy Porch Scenes

Nothing is more picture perfect that a fresh blanket of pure white snow layered upon your front porch. There is just something about the scene that invokes a sense of calmness and peace mixed with natural beauty. Although it only lasts for a little while, many of us porch lovers enjoy capturing the moments in photos to last us a lifetime.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite snow-covered porches and may they fill you with excitement for the winter months to come.

Winter Decorating Ideas

Snow blanketed Christmas porch. Photo courtesy of Kstraw2

Winter Decorating ideas

Elegant home adorned in pure white snow.

Winter Decorating Ideas

Green dusted in snow creates a lullaby style scene.

Winter Decorating ideas
Snowy Winter Decorating Ideas

Love the untouched snow scene of this porch. Takes me back to childhood memories.

Do you love to decorate? If so, I invite you to discover some lovely items listed below that will help turn your house into a home.

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