Holiday Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving Decorations

I have been thinking about Thanksgiving decorations since this festive time of year is just around the corner. Most people naturally start thinking about decorating for Christmas but we really should not overlook the chance to create a lovely and inviting home for our guests during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Even though the décor for Thanksgiving is very similar to the ideas you may use in your fall decorating, there are also some extra embellishments you can add to create a stunning Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece, a thankful fall fireplace mantel, a charming and welcoming front porch and much more.
So, why not sit back, relax and let me introduce you to some of the best ways to turn your home into a customized and fully decorated abode that your guests of all ages are sure to love?

Thanksgiving table Decorations

Let’s face it, this is the holiday that revolves around the dinner table. There are tons of amazing ways to dress up an otherwise plain and boring dining room and turn it into a gracious eatery.Thanksgiving Table Ideas

This charming Thanksgiving table idea shared by  is a great mixture of orange and blue. It inspires a sense of southern country delight and warmth that is sure to make a festive room to host your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations with squash

The elegance that you can create with butternut squash!  A simple item found in your grocery store produce section during harvest time is a perfect item to use for creative table decor. Mix it up with pieces of greenery and a bowl of walnuts as seen in this picture. Get creative and you will be surprised by what you can do with a squash.

Country-Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving Table Decorations are some of the easiest ways to dress up your table on a budget and make it fit for some holiday charm because many items you can use are right in your own yard. Pine cones and wood slices are a great way to add some rustic earthy personality to your decor for Thanksgiving or for Christmas. This is just a super sweet look for a Thanksgiving table. Elegant and charming.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Even if you have a small dining room table you can still make it warm and inviting by dressing it up with Thanksgiving decorations such as miniature pumpkins and sweet candles or a candle votive. Line it with a table runner and you are ready for dinner. All that is missing is the meal.

Front porch ideas for Thanksgiving

Show the neighbors and all passerby’s that you have the holiday spirit by giving your porch a touch of thankful charm.

Thanksgiving Decorations

This is a cute little setup on this front porch. A nicely crafted and painted wooden turkey turns fall theme decor into a Thanksgiving ready home.

Thanksgiving Porch Ideas

Dress up a rocking chair with a throw and a lovely fall theme throw pillow. Add some mums and other simple harvest related items and watch your porch beam with Thanksgiving pride. Photo courtesy of One Sutton Place.

Thanksgiving Decorations for your porch

This is a simple yet effective design to create some Thanksgiving spirit on your front porch. I love the little plaque. Very cute. Thanks to for sharing.

Thanksgiving Door Wreath

Don’t forget a charming Thanksgiving wreath is a must have for dressing up your plain door for the holiday. It is the ideal way to invite your guests into your home.

Thanksgiving Fireplace Mantel Decorations

The chances are you will probably be using your fireplace during the Thanksgiving holiday and therefore it will be quite the focal point for those that want to warm their hands and feet when coming in from the brisk cold. Even if the climate in your area does not warrant a nice warm fire by the time Thanksgiving arrives, you can still create a mantel that boasts some serious class during this time of year.

Thanksgiving Decorations for Interior Decorating

Even though this is not the fireplace mantel, I thought it was a must share because it is such a cute way to dress up the area surrounding the fireplace for Thanksgiving or fall. Very pretty, don’t you think?  Thanks for sharing with us Pink Texas Chick.

Thanksgiving Mantel Ideas

Homemade garland to drape upon your fireplace is not only a unique way to make Thanksgiving Decorations but it is also super fun. This mantel is full of the Thanksgiving spirit boasting pilgrims, pumpkins, leaf garland and more.

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

A simple way to make your fireplace mantel happy. A repurposed old window gets dressed up for the holiday. Very charming!

If you liked these ideas, be sure to check out our other Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas.

Halloween Decorating

Halloween Decorating

Are you thinking about Halloween Decorating? Many people just put a Jack-o-Lantern on their porch and are done with their decorating for the spooky holiday. There are actually many more ways to decorate than just one lone Jack-o-Lantern.

Now if you are looking for something that will scare the pants off of people or ideas that are just plain gross, sorry, you will not find them here. The decor ideas that caught my eye are more along the lines of cute, classy, charming, creative and maybe dusted with a tad bit of spooky.

Let’s explore some cool Halloween home decor.

Halloween Decor Carve several pumpkins into Jack-o-Lanterns and add a twist by just carving in some shapes. Get creative and showcase them on your front porch. Halloween Decorating Dress up your fireplace mantel with some cute Halloween decorations. I love the idea of hosting Halloween candy in a vase, using spooky vine, charming yet enchanting garland introducing All Hallows Eve and a sweet craft idea as a backdrop. Halloween Decorating Courtesy of WDWMAGIC

I fell in love with this one at first sight. If you have larger sized porch posts or a balcony this is an eye-catching way to make it magical for the season. Halloween Decorating Draw attention to your home with this idea. I bet some passersby may even drive back by for a second look. Talking about charm overload. An old wagon can be the perfect prop for loading up with bales of straw, Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkins, mums and happy scarecrows. Halloween Decorating Make a circle of ghosts in your front yard. It is fairly simple and inexpensive to do yet it will surely invoke a spooky feel to your home.


  Halloween Decorating A creepy idea for your fireplace mantel. Gravestone decor, simple leaf garland and pumpkins work easily to add some Halloween dress up in this home.   Halloween decorating Paper bats hung upon your front porch are sure to create a creepy effect. Halloweendivider Halloween Decorating Add loads of sweet to your Halloween decorating. This idea is really cute. The simple little tree (a small branch painted black) filled with orange balls decorated with Halloween style is eye-catching. Add some more interesting items into the mix a pretty little wreath and you have created something that will entice your guests to attempt to mimic your talented creativity. Halloween Decorating I really like this one! Makeshift witch brooms, pointy shoes, and a cute plaque work great for the front porch. This scene makes it feel like a real life witch lives there. Maybe one does……. ohhhhhhhhhh. Halloween Decorating Drum up a feast for gules with this Halloween table decorating idea. An orange table runner, black candelabra, small pumpkins, a lantern and some very realistic black birds make this dining room unforgettable.

Do you have a child or maybe it is you that needs a great costume for Halloween?  Possibly you are anticipating an upcoming Halloween costume party. Those are always fun.  If so, I recommend you check out the awesome Halloween costumes featured below.

elegant christmas door decorating ideas

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Every decorator needs some awesome Christmas door decorating ideas to embellish and create a grand entry to their home.

The Front door will be the first part of your home that your guests will see before they even see the inside so why not dress it up in real style for the holidays?  I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to get our front door picture perfect for Christmas.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Wreaths with mixtures of apples and pine cones are wonderful ways to bring a natural essence to your Christmas decor. The Earthy tones are so inviting.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Fruit and berry wreaths are perfect for Christmas door decorating ideas and they can also be used in the fall season.  They look so harvest or festival ready. Another trick would be to tie on a red velvet bow to add some classic Christmas joy.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

This is a cute little design. Everyone seems to love the snowman so what better way to dress your door than a snowman wreath adorned with traditional Christmas colors? It sure does create one happy door!

elegant christmas door decorating ideas

A little bit of Christmas cheer can make your front door elegant such as this gorgeous yet simple style. Lovely garland draped along the door frame, gorgeous wreaths boasting the traditional colors of the season and charming gift boxes perched upon planters create a welcoming and stylish entryway for your guests during the Christmas holiday.


This is a darling way to dress a door! Christmas gift themed garland and wreath make a playful and happy entrance way.  Courtesy of Words on Wheels

Christmas Door Wreath with Sock Monkey

Bold and playful colors will draw much deserved attention to your gorgeous Christmas door. This cute wreath is filled with charm and imagination. The sock monkey is not only cute but oh so creative. This would be a great project idea. Sweet bows and ribbons mingled with evergreen and bright red leaves peeking out from the sides. Beautiful!

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas With a Charming Christmas Ball Wreath!

Wow!!! Breathtaking mixtures of color will be sure to demand attention if you use this type of wreath as one of your door decorating ideas. Multicolored Christmas ball ornaments and sprigs of evergreen pinned firmly to a large foam wreath and hung with a large shiny ribbon is all it takes to get this spunky look.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Blend beach theme love with your Christmas decor and you will be sure to stand out from the crowd. Love this cute hanging wreath. Mixtures of evergreen, pine cones, sprigs of baby’s breath and starfish all blend into an eye-catching design.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Sometimes all it takes to bring some real life to an otherwise plain door is to dress it up with a bow and a stocking. What a cute and inviting way to decorate your Christmas door!

Are you ready to create a fantastic holiday home? Dress it in some serious Christmas cheer?  Wayfair is a really cool place that has some cute Christmas decor that will help your home stand out from the rest.  Dress it to impress!

Holiday Mantel Decorating Ideas

20 Fabulous Holiday Mantel Ideas

20 Gorgeous Holiday Mantel Ideas

These Holiday Mantel Ideas for Christmas are a mix of elegant and charming. I do not have a fireplace but I wish I did. I would definately be trying some of these out. If you have a fireplace to dress up for the holidays, be very thankful. The mantel becomes the centerpiece in most homes during the Christmas season. It’s the traditional place where we hang our stockings and where children, filled with anticipation, watch and dream about Santa making his grand entry on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Mantel Decroating Ideas

Since the fireplace mantel is one of the focal points for Christmas decor, it only makes sense to dress it in style.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

Debbie with Confessions of a Plate Addict shares with us her very festive fireplace. The country-style she chose really gives this mantel some southern charm. She uses rustic barn house lanterns and perks them up with led Christmas candles. A well-used mirror perched in the middle and the grapevine wreath give it an Earthy feel. I really like the burlap stockings. You can purchase them plain and dress them up with felt, ribbons or whatever you like.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

Kristin with Yellowblissroad made her white fireplace absolutely breathtaking. A snow sprinkled garland makes a winter wonderland when mixed with golden snowflakes and pine cone laden wreaths. The white stockings make the setup look serene and peaceful.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

Wow, this is one of the most stunning holiday mantel ideas I have seen. This fireplace reflects the beauty of winter with the warmth of a cozy and inviting home. Notice how an old wooden crate is stuffed with greenery and bits of twigs with berries? The birch tree branches and ice skates make a fun statement.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

This DIY wooden sign makes a complimentary statement. Greenery, birch logs and a bait bucket tie in a rustic theme. The small fir-tree with burlap trim is evenly balanced out with some stacked books. A simple style but oh so charming.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

This luxurious styled Christmas fireplace features designs from Pier 1 Imports. The embroidered snowflake mantel scarf is stunning. If you are crafty, you can probably make one very similar to this. I love the clean look that this design has.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

Instead of traditional stockings, this mantel is dressed with a cute Kringle mantel scarf.  The textures and varying lengths create a brightly colored focal point. The jingle bell tips are extra cute.  Just add some little trees, gift boxes or candy jars.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

Wow, look at this gorgeous home! The icy aqua blues are the perfect colors for a winter holiday. This homeowner painted birch trees onto wood for a unique touch to this homemade masterpiece.

Easy DIY Holiday Mantel Ideas

If you are like many of us, you do not have the time or budget to decorate an extravagant mantel and that is okay. I found some cheap and easy ways to get your fireplace holiday ready.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

Painted Mason jars are lots of fun for using anywhere in your home and the mantel is no exception. All you need to replicate this charming decor is three jars, chalk paint in the colors of barn red, white and sage, jute string, small pine cones, snow spray or white paint, and berries and greenery that you can find at any craft shop.

Holiday Mantel IdeasWhat a way to turn a plain mantel into an astonishing do-it-yourself masterpiece! To get this elegant look all you need is some silver and green Christmas balls and clear vases or containers. Add a few candle holders and pieces of greenery and your fireplace is gorgeous.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

We all have picture frames or at least can buy some pretty cheap. You can repurpose them into cute holiday decorations. Sit them on your mantel or hang them on the door. Either way, they are going to give your home some holiday spirit.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

Sometimes keeping it very simple is all you need. This fireplace mantel shows off painted letters in unique textures and colors along with a wooden stare and grapevine wreath.

Holiday Mantel Ideas With Wooden Signs

Holiday Mantel Ideas

This is a gorgeous way to use reclaimed barn wood. A rustic sign dressed in festive words, Christmas bells and berries along with extra greenery for a country theme.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

Another fabulous idea with a wooden sign, handwritten letters, and other Christmas decor.

Holiday Mantel Ideas

A mix of different size cottage churches from a Christmas village along with a repurposed shutter makes a charming and cozy scene for your hearth.

Christmas wreath decorating ideas

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

There are so many Christmas wreath decorating ideas that it gets hard to choose which one I love the most.

The Christmas wreath is a tradition that dates back further than I dare to imagine and over the decades there have been some lovely wreaths hung upon many a door, mantel and anywhere else in the home that could use a little bit of Christmas cheer.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Over the years the look of the wreath has evolved to include jazzy and festive colors, rustic outdoors charm, cozy country, theme oriented designs, tropical Christmas and are limited only by the imagination.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

If you want to add some country charm to your Christmas décor this year, burlap material is a quick and easy way to create that perfect look. You can fashion bows and ribbons from burlap. Add some more country-style ornaments such as birds and floral arrangements and you have a stunning vintage style masterpiece.

Christmas Wreath Decorating ideas

Another one of the perfect Christmas wreath decorating ideas to bring out simple backwoods charm is the primitive grapevine wreath.

This wreath is so easy to work with and it is perfect for changing out for any season of the year. Add some red or green ribbons and bows as well as jingle bells to this lovely wreath to create a quick, easy and budget friendly Christmas wreath.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Red Berry Wreath

This charming wreath is one of the Christmas wreath decorating ideas that will be sure to brighten any door, mantel, wall or window it is hung upon. To create this wreath you will need 40 to 50 winterberry branches measuring anywhere between 10 to 16 inches in length, green florist wire, a 16 to 18 inch wire frame and a glue gun.

Attach the larger sized winterberry branches to the wire frame overlapping each one as you go. Continue adding small winterberry branches until the wreath looks full. If the wiring becomes difficult, use the glue gun to pin them in place. This is one of the easiest Christmas wreath decorating ideas on the planet!

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Candy cane wreath

Your love of candy canes can go further than simply enjoying this tasty treat. Why not make a candy cane wreath to sweeten up your holiday décor? There are actually many Christmas wreath decorating ideas that involve candy canes but none quiet like this one.

To create this wreath you will need a two-inch thick piece of Styrofoam, serrated knife, white felt, straight pins, crafting wire, candy cane candy and other peppermint candies, Polyurethane, glue gun, pine cone, red bow.

Draw the shape of a candy cane onto a large piece of paper. Cut the shape out and trace it onto the Styrofoam. Wrap a piece of the white felt tightly around the candy cane shape and make it about four inches or so wider than the shape.

Use straight pins to attach it to the back of the shape and create a wire loop in the back for a hanger.

Now crush the peppermints and candy canes and spread them on newspaper in a well-ventilated area. Now you need to spray the pieces of candy with polyurethane being sure to coat the candy on all sides. Let the candy dry. Use your glue gun to apply the candy to the front and sides of the wreath and be sure that you fill all areas of the wreath so that there are not any gaps in coverage.

Once dried give the entire wreath two more good coats of polyurethane. Lastly add your pine décor and a bow and you have a cute little candy cane wreath!

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Sugar-Coated-Fruit Wreath

Who would have thought one of our Christmas wreath decorating ideas would be a wreath of fruit? Believe us, this is not just any old wreath.

One unique wreath that is super fun to create and will add loads of festivity to your holiday décor is the fruit wreath.

To create this wreath you will need an assortment of artificial fruits in different sizes (such as pears, apples, oranges, lemons), florist picks, tacky glue, white iridescent glitter, Epsom salts, bricks of foam, 18 inch straw wreath, craft pins, lime green ribbon, craft knife, glue gun, organza ribbon.

Insert a florist pick into each individual fruit. One at a time, roll the fruit in tacky glue, then roll them in Epsom salts and last in the white, iridescent glitter. Push the picks down into a brick of foam to allow the fruits to dry. Wrap the 18 inch straw wreath in the lime green ribbon and pin the ribbon onto the wreath to secure.

Using the knife, cut holes in the ribbon at the locations where you will be adding the fruit. Start sticking the larger pieces of the dried fruits into the wreath and use the glue gun to secure them. Using wire, attach the organza ribbon and loosely wrap the ends around the wreath. Insert any smaller left over fruits to fill possible gaps.

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