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how to make a burlap wreath for fall

How to Make a Burlap Wreath for Fall

If you want to learn how to make a burlap wreath for fall, let me show you how I created a simple and easy design for my door in about 10-15 minutes tops. Oh, by the way, please forgive the dirty looking and drab front door. Painting it is on my to do list!

how to make a burlap wreath for fall

Supplies I Used to Create My Fall Theme Burlap Wreath…
  • Two rolls of 6 inch natural burlap ribbon (no wires)
  • One 12 inch metal wreath frame
  • green floral wire
  • craft glue
  • two simple yet cute burlap covered Styrofoam pumpkin decorations with embellishments
  • wired craft ribbon featuring pumpkins
  • wreath door hanger

how to make a burlap wreath

Once I gathered my supplies I was ready to get started making a cute little wreath for my front door.

how to make a burlap wreath

I started off by folding my 6 inch burlap in half lengthwise and wrapped it around the bottom of the metal frame and secured it in place by tying it with a piece of floral wire. As you should be able to see in this picture, always keep the part of the metal frame that bends outward as the part of your wreath that will be visible. The back part of the wreath should be the side that turns inward.

how to make a burlap wreath

After securing the starting point in place by tying it in a knot with floral wire, I weave the folded burlap through the loops of my metal frame carefully checking as I go to keep each look the same size.

how to make a burlap wreath 5

Once I have one loop through each part of the metal frame, I grab the three loops with my hand holding them tightly and use my other hand to twist the back of the ribbon in two tight twists and then start weaving the ribbon through the bottom of the wreath again right beside of the first three loops and repeat this process about four times until I get the first part of my frame filled up to the divider that you can see in the picture above. I then cut off the ribbon and tied it with a piece of floral wire securely to the divider and twist the fly away end into the wreath and out of sight.

Now all I did was simply repeat the first step starting a new section of my wreath by tying the starting point to the frame with the wire and begin the looping and twisting process until I reach the next divider and I am ready to cut it off and secure it tight.

how to make a burlap wreath for fall

At this point with about two sections of your wreath filled, it should look a bit like this on the front. Note that I have been fluffing, shaping and shifting my burlap loops around to my liking as I go but you can wait until you are finished to do this step if you want.

the back of a homemade burlap wreath

The back of your wreath should resemble something like this. It will not be perfect but isn’t that the beauty of homemade? You can nip, tuck and fix as you like, but who sees the backside of your gorgeous wreath anyway?

how to make a burlap wreath for fall decorating

All you have to do is continue repeating the steps making sure you fill up your sections before starting a new one. It took me about four sets of loops in each section (being sure to twist the back of each twice) to fill up a section. Now you have your charming wreath complete, it is ready to boasts some lovely embellishments.

I fashioned a handmade bow out of the pumpkin inspired wired burlap ribbon I had and tied it into the bottom framework of my wreath. I prefer wired ribbon for making bows because it is easier to shape as needed.

Next I add a generous amount of craft glue to the backs of each of my pumpkin decorations (found them pre-made at the craft store) and I nested them down into the chosen areas of my burlap that I wanted to showcase them. I found a piece of two of the burlap I wanted to firmly press them to in order to hold them in place and then straightened the remaining folds around the decorations and let them dry. Since they were made of Styrofoam, I could have poked some of the floral wire through the bottom of them and fashioned a little loop to tie them onto the frame and nestle them into the folds of burlap as well, either way works fine, just be sure to secure them down deep enough to hide the back but not too deep to cover up the decoration.

Sorry, I completely forgot to take pictures of the process of making the bow or adding the decorative accents to my burlap wreath…

how to make a burlap wreath for fall

Once the glue is dry and I have secured everything in place and adjusted the parts of the wreath as needed, it was ready to hang up on my door and boast some lovely fall charm.!

This wreath costed me only $14.00 to make and it was so much fun so I call this a win-win DIY project. I hope this tutorial has helped you learn how to make a burlap wreath for your fall inspired home and keep up with me while I continue to discover new and exciting ways to make my home gorgeous. By the way, I totally need to find some inspiration for painting my door! Sigh…….


DIY Throw Pillow Tutorials

So, I have admitted to being a pillow addict and I have been searching out throw pillow tutorials. I have gotten a tad bit crazy about em lately and even purchased a new sewing machine so I could start making some charming little decorative pillows for my home as well as for my shop.

After doing my research, I have been delightfully surprised there are so many inspiring ways to make a pillow. Well, I have been so inspired that my husband would prefer not to accompany me to the fabric store because he knows that I cannot just walk in and grab and go. I just fall in love with the gorgeous fabrics and the numerous textures and styles.

I want to share with you some pillow perfect inspirations I have stumbled upon in my quest to become a DIY sewing queen.


Get crafty with the basic throw pillow. This simple design is a quick way to spruce up your decor. They actually make a room look totally different. All you need to create this charming accent pillow is basic sewing skills and a machine, some nice fabric of your choice, cutting utensils, throw pillow insert and fabric glue.

Cut out two square pieces of your fabric about an inch to inch and a half larger than the size of your insert. Sew the two pieces of fabric together with the wrong sides facing each other. Leave about a 4 or 5 inch opening on one side of your pillow cover. Once you are finished sewing the fabric together, cut the corners diagonally so that they look nice and professional when you are done. Be sure not to cut into the area you have sewn. Simply cut the edges of the corners. Now you are ready to turn your pillow right side out, push out the corners of your fabric with your fingers, stuff in your insert through the opening you left and carefully close the opening with your fabric glue. Now you have a cute throw pillow to add some gorgeous style to your home!

Some Gorgeous DIY Throw Pillow Tutorials


Textured Design Red and White Coral Pillow from Sew Passionate


Harlequin Throw Pillow from Freshly Pieced


Simple Envelope Pillow Tutorial from The Happy Housie


Stenciled Pillow Tutorial from Two Delighted


10 Minute Throw Pillows from Creek Line House


No Sew Throw Pillow Tutorial from Live Love DIY


Multi Fabric Throw Pillow Tutorial from Just Another Hang Up 


Felt Sunflower Pillow by Fab You Bliss


Embellished Burlap Throw Pillow Tutorial by The Golden Sycamore

I hope these creative throw pillow tutorials have inspired you like they have inspired me. All of these projects look so amazing. I cannot wait to get to the fabric shop and start gathering my supplies to get started on some of these. I do not have a particular favorite because they are all wonderful. What do you think? Let’s get crafting!

DIY Lamp Antique Whiskey Jug

DIY Lamp Project

Welcome to the tutorial of my first DIY lamp project. The lamps I have in my living room are simply old and outdated so I wanted to add something more interesting and appealing to my lighted decor, however every lamp I could find for sale came with a crazy price tag that was way over budget. I found some super cute ideas for Mason Jar lamps but unfortunately I could not find any lamp kits for them within a 100 mile radius! So, after a bit of digging around for more ideas I stumbled upon bottle lamp kits and that is when my old whiskey crock jug lamp idea came to life.

DIY Lamp Whiskey Jug

I inherited this antique whiskey jug/crock jar from my grandparents. Needless to say it is pretty old. I am not completely certain about the age of this antique jug but I believe it dates back to the 1800’s. I have had it sitting in my dining room floor for years. There was not really much I could do with it as far as decorating except place it in a corner and call it old rustic country. Today, this old jug got a makeover and I am gushing (just a little) about the results!

Supplies I Used for My DIY Lamp Old Whiskey Jug Project

  • Hazelnut Waverly Brand Chalk Paint
  • a paper plate or other item for pouring your paint
  • Medium sized sponge paint brush
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Bottle lamp kit
  • standard light bulb
  • Burlap lamp shade

Before I did anything else I made sure I cleaned the outside of my jug with hot soap and water. It was quite dusty. Since the jug has been around a while, it has a few scrapes here and nicks there but that just gives it a history and some personality. After it was painted, I could even see the flaws without really searching for them.

I laid down my drop cloth in my chosen work location and poured some of my Hazelnut chalk paint and got ready to work. The good thing about this paint is you can barely smell it, or at least I think so. It also has a nice thick texture and is so easy to use.

Painting-an-Antique-Whiskey-Jug (1)

I started at the top of my jug and just worked my way down. I would let the first coat dry in the sunshine and by the time I was finished painting, I added three solid coats for good coverage. Notice my little cat Tiger partially photo bombed this picture. He is my baby and had to come see what mommy was doing. The wet paint was not the most desirable color to look at but as it dried it started turning out nicely.


Here is the old whiskey jug after I added all of the coats of paint and let it dry on the porch. This color is neutral and perfect for any room. My living room walls are yellow so I knew it would work perfectly. I like the way it made the old jug look like a fresh pottery creation.

Putting Together The Bottle Lamp Kit For the DIY Lamp

I forgot to take pictures of this step but it is not hard to do at all. I purchased one of those $6.00 bottle lamp kits at Wal-Mart. They come with several size adjusters for the size of your bottle opening. My opening was still a little bigger than the largest adjuster but I improvised by using electrical tape to thicken up the sides of the adjuster so it would fit snug into the opening of my jug. I am sure there is another way to do it but that worked for me.

I enlisted the hubby on putting together the lamp kit since it involved just a little bit of electrical wiring. It was like a 8 minute job if that much and it comes with directions so don’t let it intimidate you. It is super easy.

Once he was finished with that and we tested it out to make sure it worked all I had left to do was fit it into the top of my whiskey jug and add my burlap lampshade, turn on the lamp and stand back to admire the results.

DIY Lamp Antique Whiskey Jug

My simple DIY Lamp design. I just love its rustic and Earthy charm!

Get Awesome ideas from these blogs…

DIY by Design 

DIY Side Table Ideas Using Concrete

DIY Side Table Ideas

I have been looking for some unique side table ideas to make tables for my living room. I kind of want something crafty and creative but have no clue where to start. At first, I checked out the local furniture stores thinking about taking the easy way out and just purchase a few, but most were way off budget or looked like the same thing you can find everywhere else. Who wants to be just like everyone else? Nope, not me, I want to stand out from the crowd. So, I started looking for some DIY tutorials for crafty (but not too difficult) side tables that will help me freshen up my living room decor. I am super excited to say I found some really neat ways to create a cute table…

Lightweight Cement Side Table

DIY Side Table Ideas Using Concrete

This side table idea captured my attention pretty quickly. I think it looks awesome not to mention very artsy. It would work perfectly in my living room. How on Earth can you make a table out of concrete and it not weigh a ton? Yea, I was wondering the same thing so check out the entire step-by-step tutorial to find out how to make this really light concrete table.

Rustic Natural Log Side Table


Wood and logs are popular for home decor these days, especially if you are trying to achieve a rustic or country style look. If you try to purchase one of these babies from a specialty furniture store, you will more than likely face a hefty price tag. Rather than dump your hard-earned money on a small table, why not just make it yourself for a fraction of the cost? This side table idea for log/wood slice accent furniture turned out unbelievably charming. It is not as hard to make as you may think, find out how to build one of your own.

Make a Side Table Out of Wood Pallets

Pallet End Table

Wooden pallets used to be used for nothing other than to transport products of some sort. Nowadays they have become infamous for all sorts of crafty ways to create lovely decor and furnishings for homes. I have been inspired by the ways you can turn a simple pallet into something delightfully appealing. I personally would paint mine a bold color because I just love lots of colors for my home however anything goes with these. Want to try out your first pallet table idea? If so, you should check out these endless ways to create a cute pallet table.

The Perfect Wooden End Table



If you are trying to find side table ideas that more closely match the types of furniture you would see at your local furniture store, this beautiful and very practical table is a win-win.

It features a lovely finish and plenty of shelf space to keep all of the things you need right at your finger tips. I think the dark stain finished top and bottom are gorgeous with the white middle shelf and table legs. Want to build yours? Just check out this easy tutorial.

Crate Style Side Table Ideas


Another way to create an awesome table whether it is a side table or a nice coffee table is by building it from wooden crates. What a great repurpose idea! The table pictured above is so unique that it makes it the perfect conversational piece of furniture. If you are interested in discovering how you can turn a simple wooden crate into a beautiful home furnishing, just head over here to find out more.

Dresser Makeover Idea with Stencil

I have been looking for the perfect dresser makeover idea since I have a few that I have inherited which need some serious TLC. Right now the dressers are covered in an ugly varnish that appears to be layers deep on one of them. Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me. This job is going to require a lot of sanding to get all of that decades old varnish off, but I know a beautiful wood grain design is patiently waiting to be revealed.

So I ventured out into blog land to find some inspiration and much needed advice on how to get this project underway and boy did I discover some amazing dresser makeovers that turn plain old blah looking furniture into super cute and charming pieces that are fit for any home. The only problem I have now is deciding which of these ideas I will use for my furniture makeover project. They are all are amazing, it makes it hard to choose. Take a look and tell me what you think?

Very Creative and Inspirational Dresser Makeover Ideas


Kate with Centsational Girl shows us how she transforms a plain pine dresser from IKEA into a gorgeous coastal theme meets modern style piece of bedroom furniture. The soft blue burlap fabric and nickel ring pulls for the drawers are such a refreshing way to make a splash with this dresser makeover idea.

Dresser Makeover Idea with Stencil

Another amazing dresser makeover idea that I love is this bright and playful style. Linda with Burlap + Blue shares with us her charming dresser transformation. She took a rather plain and easily overlooked chest of drawers and created a catchy piece with pops of cool blue.

Dresser Makeover Idea with Stencil 1

Never underestimate the power of a gorgeous hand painted dresser! Marian at Miss Mustard Seed is so talented. She bought an old dresser that looked like a train wreck from the 70’s and with every paint stroke she carefully turned it from boring retro into sweet and shabby chic.

Painted Distressed Dresser Makeover Idea

You do not have to have a huge decorating budget to create beautiful pieces of furniture. Most of the time all it takes is a watchful eye for a great yard sale deal and a creative mind. To prove this theory, Christina at The Frugal Homemaker shows us how she paid $25.00 for this dresser at a flea market and with some paint, brushes and inspiration, she turned it into a work of art.

Coral Dresser Makeover Idea

I am completely smitten by this beautiful coral dresser! This dresser once was a deep dark wood varnish with old and dated pulls. Yea it was over the top vintage but desperately needed a style revamp. Now it boasts a warm and inviting coral (pink salmon paint) which brought back to life this tired and dying antique.

how to paint furniture

I bet you are really intrigued and would love to learn how to paint your furniture. It is easier than you think. All you need is inspiration, a dresser regardless if it is new or old, a sander and/or sandpaper, paint, primer, paint brushes, paint thinner and supplies. You now have what it takes to make a custom dresser for your home. Let’s start painting!

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