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Fall Decorating Ideas

I don’t know about you but I get so excited thinking about fall decorating ideas. Before the heat of summer ends I start searching for ways to get my home fall ready. The cooler temperature and the colorful display of tree leaves seems to cast a magical spell over me.

While searching for a source of inspiration to add a touch of autumn chill to my home decor, I have stumbled upon some awesome ideas that I am thrilled to share with you. They are all so great I just cannot decide which ones I like best. What are your thoughts?

Fall Decorating Ideas and Sources of Inspiration

fall decorating ideasPumpkins, potted kale and homemade garland fashioned out of clippings found in the garden really make this front porch a treat for the eyes.

fall decorating ieasSlightly vintage mantel decor for fall fashioned from pumpkins and rustic finds. Really love this!

fall decorating ideasIt is all about being creative when experimenting with fall decorating ideas and this little set up does not disappoint. I think the pumpkins adorned in ribbon are so creative.

fall decorating ideasTurn an empty corner of your porch into a charming autumn style focal point.

Simple finds around the home can be added to make the look work. This step-ladder turns into a cute perch for the different sized pumpkins to pop out and greet your visitors.

Fall Decorating IdeasGet creative. Miniature pumpkins are easily turned into pretty little candle votives.

Fall Decorating IdeasThis is a super cute fall or Halloween party decorating idea. Simply use straight pins to attach fresh button mums of different colors to a medium-sized pumpkin and stand back in awe! Be sure to put your pumpkin in the fridge until time for the party to keep it fresh.

Fall Decorating IdeasFall is a great time to add some seasonal color to your front door and what better way to do it than with a wreath. This wreath boasts southern charm and is so pretty.

Fall Decorating IdeasPumpkins, mums and Mexican sage are perfect ways to add some quick additions of color to your front porch steps.

Fall Decorating IdeasA mailbox is the perfect spot to bedazzle any passerby with your creative sense for decor. This one is so seasonal and full of cheer.

Fall Decorating IdeasDress your fireplace mantel or a shelf to impress.  Cute mini pumpkins and gourds are so easy to work with. Add some fall leaves into the mix and a dish of candy corn and you have an eye-catching piece.

fall decorating ideas

Add a touch of autumn to your dining room table. Napkins in shades such as orange, yellow or brown work great.  Add a pretty little bouquet of mums and colorful candles to create a soft mood. Dress it up with a touch of rustic flair with chunks of cut wood.  Your options are endless when you start working with fall decorating ideas.

Fall Decorating IdeasWho could forget the happy scarecrows of fall?  I love this little addition to this front porch. The pumpkins and mums stacked in a planter and topped with a bow are very charming and the vibrant leaf garland compliments the door.

What do you think about these fall decorating ideas? Let me know your thoughts!

Rock Garden

A rock garden is a cheap and easy way to enhance the look of your landscape. Problem areas such as hills, areas featuring lots of trees and other difficult mowing spots are excellent places to create an eye-catching garden filled with rocks.

To get started you first need to clear the area of all plant life that you do not want intruding upon your garden. Remove the roots and make the entire area bare. This will keep those pesky invaders from coming back to visit you later.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden








Once you have your area cleaned off, add some soil enriching materials such as compost or sand. Any plants you place in your rock garden will love the added boost.
Now it is time to start placing those rocks. You will want to place them in a natural formation so mix and match with little, medium and large rocks as well as different colors and shapes. Variety is always the best way to create a beautiful landscape design. If you are working with a slope area, start at the bottom and work toward the top of the slope. Make the widest side of your rocks the base for better stability on the soil.

Rock Garden

Rock GardenAfter you have your rocks in place, add durable plants that you enjoy and are very tolerant in this particular environment. The best planting season will be spring or fall, depending upon the plant.

Plants that are ideal for adding personality to your garden are creeping phlox, ornamental grasses, small evergreens, and hosta plants.

Inspirational Rock Gardens

Rock GardenThis beautiful slope shaping design is not only pleasing to the eye, it is also excellent erosion control. What a lovely way to clothe a natural stone staircase! Splashes of red flowers intermingled with touches of greenery complete this landscaping design.

Rock GardenAdding several combinations of stones, shapes and mixed plant species create a more natural look.

Rock GardenSmall shrubs, ground cover plants and ornamental grass are great choices to fill in the gaps in your garden.

Rock GardenA lovely shady area brought to life with misshaped stone and blue fescue.

Rock Garden A shade loving plant that works well in any garden is the hosta. There are so many types to chose from and their beautiful green foliage is hardy and durable in various climates.

landscaping pictures

Landscaping Pictures

There is nothing like terrific landscaping pictures to inspire you and get you excited to start that long-awaited project of making your yard turn into a welcoming outdoors escape.

Spring is the season when we all start looking for ways to bring our outdoors landscape back to life after being dormant during a long and cold winter as well as give it a new and upbeat personality.

There are many wonderful ways to revive your lawn and make it stand out from the rest during any season of the year. We are thrilled to share with you some of the best pictures to get you well on your way to adding serious style to your outdoors landscaping.

Landscaping PicturesBeautiful backyard landscaping is made exemplary with rock gardens, greenery and dark mulching. What a peaceful way to relax in your back yard! Shapes and patterns in landscaping add appeal to your lawn.

Landscaping PicturesLandscaping with ornamental grass and shrubs adds a lovely geometrical scheme to this front lawn. This is a very attractive and appealing front yard.

Landscaping PicturesMake your front porch playful by landscaping around it with punches of mixed colors. This friendly landscaping idea invites you to come stay a while.

Landscaping PicturesVarious styles of plants greet this walkway that winds around this lovely landscaping design. Add versatile style and personality to your yard.

Landscaping PicturesDo you have a pond or maybe a creek running through your property? An enchanting way to dress it up would be to add an arched bridge such as pictured above.

Landscaping PicturesThis is one of the amazing landscaping pictures that takes me back in time. The peaceful serenity of this scene is amazing. This is a great way to make good use of small hills in your landscape. The stone slats used as steps are a perfect choice for making this pathway look like a vintage garden.

Landscaping PicturesWhy not create a cozy sitting area in your landscaping design? This homeowner built a garden lovers retreat. What a great way to escape the world for a while and have a refreshing glass of lemonade!

Landscaping PicturesGoldfish ponds are another great way to add some nature and charm to your landscape. It is just so calming to take a break to feed the fish and watch them swim around in this nifty environment you created just for them.

Interesting and Creative Landscaping Pictures

Landscaping PicturesBroken tile mixed with recycled tumbled glass makes a unique mulch formation in this charming garden vignette.

Landscaping PicturesBroken mosaic turned mulch makes a very intriguing landscaping design.

Landscaping PicturesMulch your potted plants with sea shells. This is a lovely way to add a touch of summer love to your potted plants and if you have enough seashells, you can use them as mulch for focal point spots in your garden.

front yard landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Enhance the curb appeal of your home by using great front yard landscaping ideas.  Have you ever driven by a home and had to drive by again and admire its appeal? One of the best ways to get this reaction to your home is by landscaping your front yard.  

My yard landscaping ideas and free information will get you on your way to creating a fabulous front yard.

Front Yard Landscaping IdeasWhen landscaping your front yard, using many different types of plants and colorful combinations along your walkway create a welcoming entrance to your home.

Front Yard Landscaping IdeasA very refreshing look! Use lots of green plants in your yard while adding colorful potted flowers on your porch. This draws attention to your front porch as well as makes your front yard inviting.
Front Yard Landscaping IdeasSmall front yards can be very charming. Simple hedges, varieties of potted and hanging plants create an easy maintenance scheme.

Front Yard Landscaping IdeasDecorative mailboxes add attraction to any flower bed arrangement. Mixing annuals and perennials add character to front yard landscaping ideas.

Front Yard Landscaping IdeasColorful choices of plants mixed with varieties that bloom in spring, summer and fall will keep your home interesting throughout the year. Taller porches are ideal for larger shrubs to frame them.
Front Yard Landscaping IdeasLandscaping your entire front yard creates an eye catching wonderland. Split rail fencing, stone walkway and a branch back chair combined with plants, grasses and shrubs will surely invite your guests to wander in and stay a while.

Front Yard Landscaping IdeasBreezy wildflowers, small shrubs and ornamental grass are easy and beautiful ways to spruce up the area around your front porch.
Front Yard Landscaping IdeasThe beauty of roses! This lovely landscaping idea allows nature to paint its own picture of beauty. The color choice draws your attention to the home.
Front Yard Landscaping IdeasRocks are perfect to fill the gaps in your flower bed arrangements and they enhance the look and help control soil erosion.

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