What are the causes of anxiety attacks? There are several events that can take place in our lives which will possibly trigger an attack, but let’s tackle some of the most common ones.

Stress at Work is One of the Top Causes of Anxiety Attacks for Many.

We all deal with a certain amount of stress at our jobs. Some of us have more stressful jobs than others. Did you know that stress at work, if left unmanaged, can eventually turn into an anxiety disorder and is one of the biggest causes of anxiety attacks?

Once we reach our stress overload threshold, the high levels of Cortisol “also known as the stress hormone” that is constant in our system will inhibit our brains ability to know when to turn off the flight or fight mechanism which causes us to develop an anxiety disorder.

Tips for Managing Work Related Stress...

Recognize the warning signs of stress overload at work.

Reduce the job related stress by taking better care of yourself.

Reduce your stress by organizing and prioritizing.

Is Losing a Job Making You Anxious?

Today’s economy is tougher than ever and experiencing a job loss is a sure way to lead to heightened worries about the future, about new and limited job opportunities and most importantly about finances. Questions such as “what if and how will we” seem to creep up in our every waking thought. This excessive worry is a recipe for an anxiety attack.

Starting a New Job? Is it an Adventure or Just More Fear Inducing?

Just like worries when losing a job, starting a new job can bring about both a sense of excitement but also a sense of fear, worry and anxiety. We all have a bit of insecurity about the unknown and starting a new job is something we know nothing about until we begin that first day.

Some helpful advice when starting a new job is to harness your positive energy and motivation and focus on putting your best foot forward. Meet new co-workers with a firm hand shake and a friendly smile. Break the ice and make small talk to ease everyone into getting to know each other. More importantly, just be yourself. It is hard to feel comfortable when you do not feel like you are wearing your own skin.


Relationship Troubles. Here Comes the Anxiety.

Relationships play a huge role in whether we are stressed or relaxed. If we are dealing with a rocky relationship whether it is with a partner, another family member or even a friend, the tension that builds up can spill over into full-blown anxiety over time. You can become anxious at the very thought of having to deal with the individual and worry about the risk of having to face possible conflict and turmoil.

Tips on Calming Relationship Anxiety...

Talk to your partner in an open and positive tone concerning what is bothering you.

Make quality time to focus on your partner and his or her needs.

Divorce. When it all Falls Apart.

Now this is a major trigger and one of the biggest causes for anxiety attacks that far too many people know so well. Divorce brings with it a host of changes that affect lives in many ways. A few of the adjustments to be expected in divorce are: financial changes when going from two incomes down to one, children primarily living with one parent or the other which reduces time spent with both parents, possible custody battle in court, possible loss of home, and loss of assets when they are divided among the divorcing couple. These are only a few of the many challenges that divorce can bring and therefore it plays a large role as one of the causes of anxiety attacks for many people who are going through divorce.

Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Loss of a Loved One and Overwhelming Grief.

The loss of a loved one proves to be a sad and distressing time. Grief comes with a mixture of emotions before we can finally begin to heal from the loss and adjust to life without our loved one. Sometimes the overwhelming emotions and changes experienced during this time of grief can become one of the major causes of anxiety attacks.

Financial Problems Create a Recipe for Anxiety.

Money, or the lack thereof, can really mess with our mental health. The nagging worry about how to make ends meet can push our stress to the point of losing control and is one of the top causes of anxiety attacks.

Health Problems Leave you with Questions.

If we experience problems with our health, we can find ourselves dealing with a range of emotions not to mention living with the health problem that is the catalyst of our new-found turmoil.

It is easy to let worry over the future and finances to develop, the struggle with pain and sickness to drag us down and the sheer lack of ability to do the things in which we were accustomed to take its toll. It is no wonder anxiety comes hand in hand with other physical health issues and it is one of the well-known causes of anxiety attacks.

Unrealistic Fears will keep you from Enjoying Life.

Have you ever heard the phrase “I think I think too much”? Well, there is a lot of truth in that statement. Often we think until we drive ourselves into fear. What does this mean? Let’s use an example. The fear of bridges over water, yes, some of us are scared of bridges. It is so common that the phobia even has a name, gephyrophobia. The bridge becomes a dreaded terror inducing object to the point we will do anything to avoid it and will probably experience an anxiety attack when we have to cross it. We get uncomfortable with these seemingly normal parts of daily life due mostly to our way of thinking. We ask ourselves questions such as, is the bridge stable? What if it starts to fall and I am crossing it? What if I fall off of it and into the water? I am sure there are many more questions people who suffer from this phobia ask themselves.

This thinking and pondering turns into excessive thoughts which are the perfect ingredients for causing an anxiety attack. Unrealistic fears are common causes of anxiety attacks.