There are so many Christmas wreath decorating ideas that it gets hard to choose which one I love the most.

The Christmas wreath is a tradition that dates back further than I dare to imagine and over the decades there have been some lovely wreaths hung upon many a door, mantel and anywhere else in the home that could use a little bit of Christmas cheer.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Over the years the look of the wreath has evolved to include jazzy and festive colors, rustic outdoors charm, cozy country, theme oriented designs, tropical Christmas and are limited only by the imagination.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

If you want to add some country charm to your Christmas décor this year, burlap material is a quick and easy way to create that perfect look. You can fashion bows and ribbons from burlap. Add some more country-style ornaments such as birds and floral arrangements and you have a stunning vintage style masterpiece.

Christmas Wreath Decorating ideas

Another one of the perfect Christmas wreath decorating ideas to bring out simple backwoods charm is the primitive grapevine wreath.

This wreath is so easy to work with and it is perfect for changing out for any season of the year. Add some red or green ribbons and bows as well as jingle bells to this lovely wreath to create a quick, easy and budget friendly Christmas wreath.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Red Berry Wreath

This charming wreath is one of the Christmas wreath decorating ideas that will be sure to brighten any door, mantel, wall or window it is hung upon. To create this wreath you will need 40 to 50 winterberry branches measuring anywhere between 10 to 16 inches in length, green florist wire, a 16 to 18 inch wire frame and a glue gun.

Attach the larger sized winterberry branches to the wire frame overlapping each one as you go. Continue adding small winterberry branches until the wreath looks full. If the wiring becomes difficult, use the glue gun to pin them in place. This is one of the easiest Christmas wreath decorating ideas on the planet!

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Candy cane wreath

Your love of candy canes can go further than simply enjoying this tasty treat. Why not make a candy cane wreath to sweeten up your holiday décor? There are actually many Christmas wreath decorating ideas that involve candy canes but none quiet like this one.

To create this wreath you will need a two-inch thick piece of Styrofoam, serrated knife, white felt, straight pins, crafting wire, candy cane candy and other peppermint candies, Polyurethane, glue gun, pine cone, red bow.

Draw the shape of a candy cane onto a large piece of paper. Cut the shape out and trace it onto the Styrofoam. Wrap a piece of the white felt tightly around the candy cane shape and make it about four inches or so wider than the shape.

Use straight pins to attach it to the back of the shape and create a wire loop in the back for a hanger.

Now crush the peppermints and candy canes and spread them on newspaper in a well-ventilated area. Now you need to spray the pieces of candy with polyurethane being sure to coat the candy on all sides. Let the candy dry. Use your glue gun to apply the candy to the front and sides of the wreath and be sure that you fill all areas of the wreath so that there are not any gaps in coverage.

Once dried give the entire wreath two more good coats of polyurethane. Lastly add your pine décor and a bow and you have a cute little candy cane wreath!

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Sugar-Coated-Fruit Wreath

Who would have thought one of our Christmas wreath decorating ideas would be a wreath of fruit? Believe us, this is not just any old wreath.

One unique wreath that is super fun to create and will add loads of festivity to your holiday décor is the fruit wreath.

To create this wreath you will need an assortment of artificial fruits in different sizes (such as pears, apples, oranges, lemons), florist picks, tacky glue, white iridescent glitter, Epsom salts, bricks of foam, 18 inch straw wreath, craft pins, lime green ribbon, craft knife, glue gun, organza ribbon.

Insert a florist pick into each individual fruit. One at a time, roll the fruit in tacky glue, then roll them in Epsom salts and last in the white, iridescent glitter. Push the picks down into a brick of foam to allow the fruits to dry. Wrap the 18 inch straw wreath in the lime green ribbon and pin the ribbon onto the wreath to secure.

Using the knife, cut holes in the ribbon at the locations where you will be adding the fruit. Start sticking the larger pieces of the dried fruits into the wreath and use the glue gun to secure them. Using wire, attach the organza ribbon and loosely wrap the ends around the wreath. Insert any smaller left over fruits to fill possible gaps.