Curly Hairstyles are IN!!!

How to get lovely romantic curls. If you are like me you would give anything if you could perfect the look of long and flowing romantic curls that you secretly admire when you see this style worn by celebrities or any lady you know and it looks like she spent a fortune to get such astonishing hair.

Curls are totally in style now and look great whether your hair is long or short. Long tresses will turn into feminine and flirty locks and short hair with added curls is fashionable and super chic. The longer your hair is, the more options you have.

Curly Hairstyles

Romantic curls work great for a care-free and casual occasion as well as a glamorous night on the town. It is awesome to have a style so versatile! So, are you ready to get the hair of your dreams? Let’s get started! First you will need: mousse, professional hair spray, heat protector, bone tail comb, one and one-half inch barrel curling iron or larger and hair clips,

To start off, wash your hair in your favorite shampoo and conditioner then towel dry.
After towel drying apply mousse to your hair. This will give the curls a much better hold and help keep them soft and bouncy rather than making them crunchy and stiff. Once your hair is dry, you need to comb through it. Now you need to spray your hair with a heat protector, especially the ends of your hair. Any brand should be fine as long as it protects your hair from heat damage.

If your hair is long, you will need to separate it into five sections ideally from hairline, top, center, bottom, left and right and clip it up. It is best to begin with the bottom sections and work your way to the top sections. Now begin curling your hair. Use your comb to pick up a one inch section of your hair. Make sure it is combed smooth. Start about half an inch from your scalp if you want curls that climb the majority of the length of your hair and about 2 to 3 inches from your scalp (depending on length of hair) if you want the curls to mainly be more toward the ends of your hair.

To get the most defined curl for any curly hairstyles, you need to manually wrap your hair around the curling iron and close the lever on the end of your hair. Count to thirty and then remove your hair from the iron by slowly unwinding it manually. This may take just a little more time but it will produce a much more beautiful curl.
Continuing working backwards on each section of hair taking precaution not to disturb hair that has already been curled. Once you are done, use the end of your comb to gently part your hair at the desired location, and simply run your fingers through the curls to separate them.

It may take some practice and lots of patience but the amazing curls and lovely romantic ringlets you will get will be well worth the time spent. Enjoy the new and beautiful you!

Lili Simply Shows us how to get some breathtaking beautiful curls.

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I am loving this volume enhancing look for mahogany colored hair. Super classy with some splashes of romance for the upcoming fall!
Curly Hairstyles

How To Get Her Look:

After shampooing hair, towel dry by scrunching the towel through the ends of your hair.
Apply a curl cream to ends.
Work it all through your hair and air dry or dry using a blow dryer and diffuser. Remember to use a higher heat setting, but lower force.
While drying, use a wide tooth comb through the top of your hair to pull most of the curl out, but stopping where you want your tendrils to begin.
Smooth top with brush or comb. If more volume is desired, lift sections and back comb with comb or brush then step back and view the awesomeness.

Carefree curls with sass! So casual and cute!
Curly Hairstyles

How To Get Her Look:

Shampoo your hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
Apply curl cream from the roots to the ends, combing through to ensure all strands are covered.
Let your hair air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser on low setting. Use your hands as rakes to shake and break up curls as you dry.
Next use a large round brush to smooth and bring fringe off to the side.
Finish hair with a moisturizing shine spray and you are ready to hit the town.