Welcome to the tutorial of my first DIY lamp project. The lamps I have in my living room are simply old and outdated so I wanted to add something more interesting and appealing to my lighted decor, however every lamp I could find for sale came with a crazy price tag that was way over budget. I found some super cute ideas for Mason Jar lamps but unfortunately I could not find any lamp kits for them within a 100 mile radius! So, after a bit of digging around for more ideas I stumbled upon bottle lamp kits and that is when my old whiskey crock jug lamp idea came to life.

DIY Lamp Whiskey Jug

I inherited this antique whiskey jug/crock jar from my grandparents. Needless to say it is pretty old. I am not completely certain about the age of this antique jug but I believe it dates back to the 1800’s. I have had it sitting in my dining room floor for years. There was not really much I could do with it as far as decorating except place it in a corner and call it old rustic country. Today, this old jug got a makeover and I am gushing (just a little) about the results!

Supplies I Used for My DIY Lamp Old Whiskey Jug Project

  • Hazelnut Waverly Brand Chalk Paint
  • a paper plate or other item for pouring your paint
  • Medium sized sponge paint brush
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Bottle lamp kit
  • standard light bulb
  • Burlap lamp shade

Before I did anything else I made sure I cleaned the outside of my jug with hot soap and water. It was quite dusty. Since the jug has been around a while, it has a few scrapes here and nicks there but that just gives it a history and some personality. After it was painted, I could even see the flaws without really searching for them.

I laid down my drop cloth in my chosen work location and poured some of my Hazelnut chalk paint and got ready to work. The good thing about this paint is you can barely smell it, or at least I think so. It also has a nice thick texture and is so easy to use.

Painting-an-Antique-Whiskey-Jug (1)

I started at the top of my jug and just worked my way down. I would let the first coat dry in the sunshine and by the time I was finished painting, I added three solid coats for good coverage. Notice my little cat Tiger partially photo bombed this picture. He is my baby and had to come see what mommy was doing. The wet paint was not the most desirable color to look at but as it dried it started turning out nicely.


Here is the old whiskey jug after I added all of the coats of paint and let it dry on the porch. This color is neutral and perfect for any room. My living room walls are yellow so I knew it would work perfectly. I like the way it made the old jug look like a fresh pottery creation.

Putting Together The Bottle Lamp Kit For the DIY Lamp

I forgot to take pictures of this step but it is not hard to do at all. I purchased one of those $6.00 bottle lamp kits at Wal-Mart. They come with several size adjusters for the size of your bottle opening. My opening was still a little bigger than the largest adjuster but I improvised by using electrical tape to thicken up the sides of the adjuster so it would fit snug into the opening of my jug. I am sure there is another way to do it but that worked for me.

I enlisted the hubby on putting together the lamp kit since it involved just a little bit of electrical wiring. It was like a 8 minute job if that much and it comes with directions so don’t let it intimidate you. It is super easy.

Once he was finished with that and we tested it out to make sure it worked all I had left to do was fit it into the top of my whiskey jug and add my burlap lampshade, turn on the lamp and stand back to admire the results.

DIY Lamp Antique Whiskey Jug

My simple DIY Lamp design. I just love its rustic and Earthy charm!

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