Take the Time for Love Expressions

Words left unspoken can eat away at our souls when we realize it is too late to say them. Too often we let petty arguments stand in the way of the words that matter the most. Our desire to always be right takes over and interferes with simple forgiveness and relationships that could easily be repaired crumble underneath the crushing weight of pride.

Love Expressions

Here are a few of the most important words\Love expressions you can ever say and why you should make a habit of saying them..

“I love you.” Love is the most beautiful gift in a relationship between family, lovers or friends. Sometimes we take it for granted. Maybe you are the type of person who feels awkward and does not like to verbally express your emotions or possibly you think the one you love already knows so why say it again. Never make the mistake of assuming. Even though they may know you love them, it still helps to verbally enforce that feeling by speaking these three little words of love expressions. Sometimes tomorrow is too late to tell someone how you feel and you will be able to rest much easier knowing you expressed your love in all the ways that you could if the unexpected was to happen.

“I forgive you.” Oh such a simple phrase yet the hardest one to say. Why is it so hard to say I forgive you? It seems almost like human nature to feel if we forgive someone when they wrong us, we are conceding defeat. Somehow we believe that hanging onto the hurt and pain is our way of controlling what happened to us. Maybe we think it is the flaming sword that will help us win some sort of battle that does not even exist. In any event, whatever benefit we think we are getting by holding a grudge is actually more of a burden. Forgiveness is not only a way to mend a broken relationship or at least settle the dust of past troubles; it will also bring to you a sense of closure and will lift a heavy load from your back. All you have to do is forgive and reap the benefits of freedom of the mind and soul.

“I’m sorry.” This is a little phrase that should not just roll off the tongue without meaning it. When you say you are sorry, you must be transparent with your feelings and genuine with your words. Too many people get into the habit of saying they are sorry as a quick way to band-aid a wound they sliced open only to turn around and reopen the wound again and again and then they think these little words will be the cure-all. It you become an habitual (what I like to call “sorry sayer”), it will not take long for your words to be just that, nothing more than words. When you are really sorry for a wrong you have committed, say it, mean it and stop committing that wrong. Being sorry is one of the genuine love expressions that takes both action and words.

“Thank you.” Saying thank you is not just a polite gesture. My dad was never much of a shopping kind of guy and left it up to mom to do the shopping. He was probably just as surprised as I was when I opened my gifts each year but all of that changed during the Christmas season when I was 13 years old. He decided he would go pick out something for me without mom’s help. I am sure this had to be a venture for him trying to decide what I would like since I was a pretty picky kid and he was a bit clueless on the shopping scene. Nevertheless, he gave it his effort and picked up something he thought I would like. He did have mom wrap it for me because I am sure his gift wrapping skills were a bit rusty.

Those few weeks leading up to Christmas I was filled with anticipation because dad already told me “I picked out a gift for you myself this year and there it sits under the tree. Bet ya can’t guess what it is.” He had the biggest smile on his face like it was a guessing game between us and I just could not figure it out. It was all neatly wrapped in pretty paper with a bow and every chance I got I shook it but it stayed a mystery.

Well, December 23 rolled around and I kept thinking about how in just two more days I would get to unwrap dad’s special gift to me. As any kid anticipating Christmas would be, I was a bit distracted and failed to notice how dad did not seem like he felt very well that day. See, he had been sick with lung disease for years and some days were good but many were not so great. That evening dad had a breathing attack that resulted in a massive heart attack and in the course of a few life-altering moments we lost him. It all happened so fast for my 13-year-old mind to even begin to understand at the time and I felt so lost.

Two days later on Christmas Day, I did not even want to touch those gifts under the tree but my family insisted that dad would have wanted me to open his gift. I saved it for last. Tears rolled down my face as my shaky little hands unwrapped the most beautiful fluffy stuffed bear I had ever seen. It had a bright red bow around its neck and played the loveliest Christmas music when you pressed its paw. That was 25 years ago and I still have that bear as well as vivid memories of my dad. I never got to tell him thank you for the beautiful gift he picked out for me that year. I never got to tell him how special it was. I could only whisper these words from my heart in hopes that maybe some way, somehow, God would send him that message for me.

The moral of my story is to always tell someone thank you, not only is it a polite gesture, but you never know if your chance to show them how grateful you are could be stolen away.