Pine Cone Wreath

Pine Cone Wreath

I love a nice pine cone wreath and with fall just around the corner I knew I needed to start thinking about some ways to really give my front door a personality befitting of the autumn season.

Of course pine cones are used in Christmas decorations but never underestimate the power of this rustic beauty during the colorful months of autumn.

pine cone wreath

Pine Cone WreathA foam wreath will just not hold the weight of pine cones nor will it properly keep its shape so I decided upon a grapevine wreath. It will not only hold the weight of the cones but it will also blend well if there are a few little spaces here and there that may show gaps. My favorite is Cinnamon scented cones. About 2 bags of these delightfully smelling mini cones will do the trick.Pine Cone Wreath DIYA glue gun is a must have for this project. I started filling in the middle row around the wreath with the larger sized pine cones gluing them along firmly as I went. Next, I used the smaller sized cones to fill in the tops and bottoms of the wreath.

Pine Cone WreathAfter filling my grapevine wreath with all of the cones and adorning it with a pretty green ribbon, it is ready to bring some sweet charm to my door. I love it!

So begins my little love affair with pine cone wreaths. I started seeking out some other creative designs to add to my wish list and you will be amazed at what I found.

Pine Cone Wreath
This wreath is just gorgeous. It can be used as a lovely addition to your fall decor and you can really make it work for a rustic Christmas theme with the pops of red.

Pine Cone WreathPhoto Courtesy of Creative
This wreath really says fall is here. If you have pine trees near your home they will give you a wealth of cute little or even large cones to work with. Little sprigs of greenery and berries add some color to this design. A sweet orange ribbon tops it all off.

Pine Cone WreathsAnother charming wreath idea that caught my eye. Adding bits of evergreen gives it a refreshing look and smell.

Pine Cone WreathsNow this is a wreath that announces that autumn is here. Pretty fall leaves and berries mix wonderfully with the pine cones. Super cute.

Pine Cone WreathAdd some colorful zest to your pine cone wreath with plastic fruit. It does not only work well on your door. Try hanging it on your porch banisters and drape it with some evergreen garland to add some flair.

Pine Cone WreathsCreative and whimsical. This pine cone and twig wreath will add a touch of rustic simplicity to any room. It also works wonders at adding some appeal to your front yard.

Pine Cone WreathThis pretty little wreath is so unique. A mixture of pine cones, tried, true and trusty grapevine wreath and a sweet little snow owl are perfect for fall decorating.

Pine Cone WreathsPhoto Courtesy of Four Generations One Roof
What a charming and inviting wreath.  Mix up your pine cones with items such as burlap ribbon which will never lead you astray when you are decorating rustic style.  I think the mixture of cute little white pumpkins add even more creativity and uniqueness to this wreath design.

autumn decorating ideas

10 Amazing Autumn Decorating Ideas for your Front Porch

Brighten your front porch this fall with some autumn decorating ideas that create serious curb appeal.

Decorating for fall  is so much fun and it does not have to break the bank.  Whether you want to add just a few cute items to your porch that will draw your visitors in for a closer look or you want to make a bold statement showing the world how much you love the new and colorful season, I am excited to share with you some awesome ideas that my fellow bloggers have put together.  I cannot wait to try one of them for my porch this year.  The only problem is deciding upon which one because they are all so charming!

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Just Paint It

I could go on and on about how welcoming and cute this front porch decorating idea truly is but the picture says it all. Sweet southern charm at its finest. Even scraps like old wood can be painted and turned into a weathered looking Welcome sign. Straw wreaths are fun to decorate for fall. Pillow cases that feature fall designs or colors add a bold touch to a chair and this one does not disappoint. The scene would not be complete without the pumpkin and mums.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Stone Gable

This little front porch idea for autumn is so simple and clever. A fall colored throw draped over the back of a chair, some stacked pumpkins, and additions of mums and neutral colored candles are great ways to add some fall appeal to your front porch.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Adventures in Decorating

Are you worried you do not have a large enough porch to decorate? No fear! This idea is so lovely, warm and attractive. I think this dressed up chair is one of my favorite autumn decorating ideas.

Wagon Love!

Autumn Decorating Ideas

Do you have a wagon, wheelbarrow, wash tub or a large basket around the house? Put them to use with this pretty fall decorating idea. Load them up with pumpkins, gourds, straw, fall leaves, burlap and ribbons and watch the transformation from empty and drab to cuteness and fab.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of My Soulful Home
Mix and match different types and colors of pumpkins anywhere from the type you grow in the garden to the ones you get in the craft or decor section at the store. Place them in planters and on pedestals to add depth to your autumn decor. This autumn decorating idea works great next to your door or placed along porch steps.

Autumn Decorating IdeasColor is key to a great looking autumn front porch. Orange adds zest and enhances the look of fall. This sweet front porch idea is so inviting.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Fifi LePew

If you like birdhouses you will love this little idea. This will create an attractive perch upon your front porch banisters or on a table.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Old Centennial Farmhouse

I am in love with this porch! Talking about sweet southern charm. The wagon wheel draped with a homemade pineapple quilt, cornstalks, mums, pumpkins and gourds make this little porch corner demand to be the center of attention.

Autumn Decorating Ideas
Large pots and baskets of mums of different colors add variety and interest to your front porch. Create a fall theme garland for your door to make it even more inviting.

Autumn Decorating IdeasScarecrows add some playfulness to fall decor. This front porch is full of fall fun!

insecurity in a relationship

5 Ways to Stop Feeling Insecurity in a Relationship…

Many of us find ourselves dealing with insecurity in a relationship with our partner or even with friends.

Sometimes insecurity is born from low self-esteem, being hurt by someone in the past, not being able to trust others or body image issues. Regardless of the reasons you are struggling with insecurity in your relationship, there are ways to overcome it and enjoy a thriving and healthy relationship.

Here are five easy ways to strengthen your feelings towards your partner or friend.

Insecurity in a Relationship

You must stop trying to find that perfect person because they do not exist..

Sometimes we are just way too picky when it comes to the right people to pair up with on a romantic or friendship level. A common excuse is I am looking for “Mr. Right.” Mr. or Ms. Right should not lead you into thinking about perfection. If you are looking for a fairy tale or storybook romance, you are setting yourself up for failure. Remember story books and movies are fiction and real life cannot perfect those standards.

We are all imperfect and that is what makes us human. Realize also that we all have our own special talents, skills and abilities so look for qualities in a relationship that will compliment your own. Seeking someone who is also imperfect like you but possesses unique qualities will help balance both of your personalities and lead you to the right relationship for you.

Don’t waste all of your time trying to figure out what the other person is thinking.

This problem happens a lot in relationships. As soon as your partner says something that you do not quite understand, you start trying to figure out what he or she really meant. Do not automatically assume that a comment means something totally different from what was said. We spend so much time trying to analyze the thoughts and words of others that it can make us feel like we are losing our minds.

The same holds true if a person is silent. Do not make the mistake of instantly thinking that silence is a bad sign. However, in relationships we should always say what we mean and mean what we say. Be generous with your thoughts and feelings. Trust and security in a relationship is built with open conversation and being transparent with your thoughts and feelings.

Do not compare your new relationship to a previous one that did not work out…

Another bad trait that can make you feel insecure in your relationship is by judging your partner or comparing him or her to someone else. You have to let the past go and along with it all past hurts, disappointments and painful experiences. Yes we can all get scared if we have been in a bad relationship, but remember your new relationship is different.

Your new partner or friend is a different person who deserves your respect and trust until it is broken. The fact is this may be the right person for you and your trust quite possibly will never be broken.  So do not bring luggage with you into a new relationship. Always come forth with an open mind and a fresh outlook. Leave the dirty old bags behind you.

Do not over think and create problems that are not even there.

A quick way to sabotage an otherwise healthy relationship is by convincing yourself that there is a problem when there isn’t one. Feeling insecure is usually the cause of imagining problems that are not truly there. Learn to relax, let others care for you and give you love. Take down the shields and the walls that you have built and open your heart. Do not hang yourself up on any one event.

Things happen in relationships. Again, this is where talk, love and open ears are the true answers. Relationship ups and downs are normal so go with the flow of the current of your relationship and you will find yourself on smoother and happier waters.

Do not focus on negative aspects of your relationship.

All relationship will have rough patches at some point. Some may have more than others. It is normal and human to have days that are not so great. Remember it is ok if your partner is being a jerk one day or is in a bad mood. Give him or her some space during those moments and show them your love regardless. They will thank you for that later. I am not saying if something is notably wrong in a relationship that you should accept that. If this is the case, you and your partner should talk and get everything out on the table.  If they are just having a bad day, have some little negative quirks about them or something that is rather small, don’t waste your time focusing on it. Rather learn to accept and let it go.

fall decorating ideas beautiful

Fall Decorating Ideas

I don’t know about you but I get so excited thinking about fall decorating ideas. Before the heat of summer ends I start searching for ways to get my home fall ready. The cooler temperature and the colorful display of tree leaves seems to cast a magical spell over me.

While searching for a source of inspiration to add a touch of autumn chill to my home decor, I have stumbled upon some awesome ideas that I am thrilled to share with you. They are all so great I just cannot decide which ones I like best. What are your thoughts?

Fall Decorating Ideas and Sources of Inspiration

fall decorating ideasPumpkins, potted kale and homemade garland fashioned out of clippings found in the garden really make this front porch a treat for the eyes.

fall decorating ieasSlightly vintage mantel decor for fall fashioned from pumpkins and rustic finds. Really love this!

fall decorating ideasIt is all about being creative when experimenting with fall decorating ideas and this little set up does not disappoint. I think the pumpkins adorned in ribbon are so creative.

fall decorating ideasTurn an empty corner of your porch into a charming autumn style focal point.

Simple finds around the home can be added to make the look work. This step-ladder turns into a cute perch for the different sized pumpkins to pop out and greet your visitors.

Fall Decorating IdeasGet creative. Miniature pumpkins are easily turned into pretty little candle votives.

Fall Decorating IdeasThis is a super cute fall or Halloween party decorating idea. Simply use straight pins to attach fresh button mums of different colors to a medium-sized pumpkin and stand back in awe! Be sure to put your pumpkin in the fridge until time for the party to keep it fresh.

Fall Decorating IdeasFall is a great time to add some seasonal color to your front door and what better way to do it than with a wreath. This wreath boasts southern charm and is so pretty.

Fall Decorating IdeasPumpkins, mums and Mexican sage are perfect ways to add some quick additions of color to your front porch steps.

Fall Decorating IdeasA mailbox is the perfect spot to bedazzle any passerby with your creative sense for decor. This one is so seasonal and full of cheer.

Fall Decorating IdeasDress your fireplace mantel or a shelf to impress.  Cute mini pumpkins and gourds are so easy to work with. Add some fall leaves into the mix and a dish of candy corn and you have an eye-catching piece.

fall decorating ideas

Add a touch of autumn to your dining room table. Napkins in shades such as orange, yellow or brown work great.  Add a pretty little bouquet of mums and colorful candles to create a soft mood. Dress it up with a touch of rustic flair with chunks of cut wood.  Your options are endless when you start working with fall decorating ideas.

Fall Decorating IdeasWho could forget the happy scarecrows of fall?  I love this little addition to this front porch. The pumpkins and mums stacked in a planter and topped with a bow are very charming and the vibrant leaf garland compliments the door.

What do you think about these fall decorating ideas? Let me know your thoughts!

curly hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles are IN!!!

How to get lovely romantic curls. If you are like me you would give anything if you could perfect the look of long and flowing romantic curls that you secretly admire when you see this style worn by celebrities or any lady you know and it looks like she spent a fortune to get such astonishing hair.

Curls are totally in style now and look great whether your hair is long or short. Long tresses will turn into feminine and flirty locks and short hair with added curls is fashionable and super chic. The longer your hair is, the more options you have.

Curly Hairstyles

Romantic curls work great for a care-free and casual occasion as well as a glamorous night on the town. It is awesome to have a style so versatile! So, are you ready to get the hair of your dreams? Let’s get started! First you will need: mousse, professional hair spray, heat protector, bone tail comb, one and one-half inch barrel curling iron or larger and hair clips,

To start off, wash your hair in your favorite shampoo and conditioner then towel dry.
After towel drying apply mousse to your hair. This will give the curls a much better hold and help keep them soft and bouncy rather than making them crunchy and stiff. Once your hair is dry, you need to comb through it. Now you need to spray your hair with a heat protector, especially the ends of your hair. Any brand should be fine as long as it protects your hair from heat damage.

If your hair is long, you will need to separate it into five sections ideally from hairline, top, center, bottom, left and right and clip it up. It is best to begin with the bottom sections and work your way to the top sections. Now begin curling your hair. Use your comb to pick up a one inch section of your hair. Make sure it is combed smooth. Start about half an inch from your scalp if you want curls that climb the majority of the length of your hair and about 2 to 3 inches from your scalp (depending on length of hair) if you want the curls to mainly be more toward the ends of your hair.

To get the most defined curl for any curly hairstyles, you need to manually wrap your hair around the curling iron and close the lever on the end of your hair. Count to thirty and then remove your hair from the iron by slowly unwinding it manually. This may take just a little more time but it will produce a much more beautiful curl.
Continuing working backwards on each section of hair taking precaution not to disturb hair that has already been curled. Once you are done, use the end of your comb to gently part your hair at the desired location, and simply run your fingers through the curls to separate them.

It may take some practice and lots of patience but the amazing curls and lovely romantic ringlets you will get will be well worth the time spent. Enjoy the new and beautiful you!

Lili Simply Shows us how to get some breathtaking beautiful curls.

Check out more awesome curly hairstyles for any length of hair. Look stunning and turn heads with one of these fabulous makeovers from Latest Hairstyles.

I am loving this volume enhancing look for mahogany colored hair. Super classy with some splashes of romance for the upcoming fall!
Curly Hairstyles

How To Get Her Look:

After shampooing hair, towel dry by scrunching the towel through the ends of your hair.
Apply a curl cream to ends.
Work it all through your hair and air dry or dry using a blow dryer and diffuser. Remember to use a higher heat setting, but lower force.
While drying, use a wide tooth comb through the top of your hair to pull most of the curl out, but stopping where you want your tendrils to begin.
Smooth top with brush or comb. If more volume is desired, lift sections and back comb with comb or brush then step back and view the awesomeness.

Carefree curls with sass! So casual and cute!
Curly Hairstyles

How To Get Her Look:

Shampoo your hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
Apply curl cream from the roots to the ends, combing through to ensure all strands are covered.
Let your hair air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser on low setting. Use your hands as rakes to shake and break up curls as you dry.
Next use a large round brush to smooth and bring fringe off to the side.
Finish hair with a moisturizing shine spray and you are ready to hit the town.

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