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Repurpose Shutter DIY Headboard

If you are looking for DIY Headboard Inspiration, get ready to be impressed by these awesome ideas from my fellow bloggers. Whether you need a simple design, carefree country or classy elegance, there is a style that will turn your much-needed yet daunting bed makeover into a fun and easy DIY project.

Cheap and Easy Crate DIY Headboard

Bonnie with Going Home to Roost shows us her rustic reclaimed crate DIY headboard. This idea is very budget friendly and quite eye-catching. Made out of scrap crates meant to be thrown away, all she had to do was purchase some string lights behind it to give it even more personality.

Tufted Fabric DIY Headboard

A tufted fabric headboard is both classy and elegant. Sara M. Dorsey reveals her stunning project along with how to instructions. I think the yellow and blends of gray really compliment her bedroom. Unique designs and shades of color bring out the wow factor in your home decor.

Repurpose Shutter DIY Headboard

Old wooden shutters may look like trash to some people but they are actually a goldmine! There are endless ways you can repurpose these traditional home fixtures into charming pieces of home decor. This gorgeous reclaimed shutter DIY Headboard is the perfect example of turning old finds into awesome treasures.

West Elm Morocco DIY Headboard

Turn rubber floor mats found at your every day department store into a lovely West Elm Morocco DIY Headboard. Now this is impressive! Just open your creative mind and look around. You will be surprised at the simple objects that you can find and work with to turn them into amazing items for your home.

Patchwork DIY Headboard

This sweet DIY headboard caught my attention. Like a patchwork quilt, this design blends simplicity and country charm with a vintage flair. You could choose any type and pattern of fabric you want and create some of these for different seasons of the year. Simply change them out. Achieve a bedroom makeover in minutes! Totally love this look.


For those of us who love the beach, this beach theme bedroom idea using a lovely homemade headboard decorated with attractive string lights is the perfect way to cozy up your nest. This creation was made from wood planks which can be screwed into a wooden backing such as plywood or firmly affixed with wood glue. Hang it up with some sturdy hooks on your wall and string up some lights of your choice. A fairly practical design turns an ordinary bed into a beach cottage dream.


I love Molly’s simple yet lovely bedroom. Notice her barn door headboard? She did not share a tutorial on this however my best guess is to get yourself a barn door, paint it, sand it down or finish it any way you want. You could add side pieces of wood, a top, maybe a shelf, and fashion it to your liking then watch it reveal its own perfect country style. What a crafty and inspiring idea.


Maybe you need a cute little personalized bedroom update for your daughter. Most little girls would adore this easy idea. Get some wooden planks somewhere such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, stain them or paint them and after adding her name to the boards, screw them into the wall one by one and you have a nice and sturdy headboard for your little girl. I think it is adorable!

Do you have a headboard idea you would like to share? If so please let me know, we would all love to see it!

baby bedroom decorating ideas

Baby Bedroom Ideas and Precious Designs

Looking for cute baby bedroom ideas and designing your baby bedroom can be so much fun.  There are so many styles and themes that you can choose from to create a warm welcome to your newest family member such as soft tones to lull him or her to sleep, delicate pink for your sweet little girl or cool blue for your bouncing baby boy. 

Choose bold decor to bring out the personality. Quality designed furniture is the perfect additive to the mix of deciding the best for your baby. I have chosen some very cute baby bedroom ideas and top rated furniture for your new little one.

Baby BedroomThis Winnie the Pooh theme creates a playful dream land for your little one. I love the customized painting of the furniture and the cheerful green carpet with a light green throw rug adds to the charm of this little room.

Baby Bedroom Add elegance to your baby’s room. This room allows much natural light to come in through the eyelet curtains. Dark wood furniture stands out with beauty against the soft green walls. The painted tree is also an amazing addition to this room.

Baby Bedroom This is one of the most adorable baby bedroom ideas for a little boy that I have found! The back wall and crib stand out as the focal point of this room and the soft color blends well with baby blue and deep brown. The colorful circles invite a bubbly tone.

Baby Bedroom This is a darling baby girl bedroom. The teddy bear and quit patterns really add a girly touch to this room.

Baby Bedroom This theme is perfect for a baby boy or girl. The splashes of red, white pieces of furniture and gray walls keep this room very uniform in its color scheme. Notice the amount of space in this room. Simple yet creative.

Baby Bedroom Beautiful elegance describes this bedroom. The black and pink really go well together.

If you are ready to get started decorating a lovely nursery for your baby or you are looking for some lovely gifts for an expecting friend, I recommend you check out Belle and June for some absolutely gorgeous baby items.

boy bedroom ideas

Boy Bedroom Ideas

Fun Boy Bedroom Ideas that he will love!

A boy bedroom remodeling project is lots of fun for both him and you when you get new furniture to spruce up his room or just settle for different bedding and colors. Whether your little man is into cartoon themes, tractors, super heroes, comics or the rugged outdoors,  there are so many ways you can create a little nook of the house that is all his own.

Boy Bedroom Is your young man aspiring to be an athlete one day? Nothing will take his aspiration to new heights than a sports-theme room. Burst open the creativity with reinvention such as using sports lockers for storage space in his room, sports wall murals and rugs that are totally field style will make him feel as if he is right there in the game!

Boy Bedroom Is he a super-duper baseball fan? This baseball theme room will leave him in awe that is for sure! Again a sports style mural gives a perfect backdrop to this room. Baseball theme floor rugs dedicated to his favorite team and throws for the bed all go a long way in creating the full effect. I personally love the cute catcher’s mitt chair! How clever!

Boy Bedroom This football theme boy bedroom is as my son would say “freaking awesome!” The mural on the wall creates the feel as if you are right there on the field and the football style bed linens and blankets along with the deep brown lamps amp the style up!

Boy Bedroom Most boys love superheroes and this spider man theme bedroom is a true winner. The deep navy blue walls, spider man murals and red curtains along with the spider man lamp all blend well in this room.

Boy Bedroom Batman is a very popular theme with boys. This room features custom styled batman walls and ceiling as well as tons of batman memorabilia. A batman bedroom like this is dark and mysterious. Can we say wow!!

Boy Bedroom A Lego room is a real hit with younger boys. He loves building things and this room is super colorful. The Lego headboard is a creative focal point in this room. I love the way it all blends to create such a playful and fun atmosphere.

luxury bedroom idea

Luxury Bedroom

Splurge in comfort and quality unique luxury bedroom designs that showcase the most exquisite tastes with these lavish ideas.

Luxury Bedroom This is an amazing room! The soft wall color, vaulted ceiling and dark wood flooring creates elegance. Add designer furniture, rugs and lamps throughout the room and you have the ingredients for a glamorous bedroom. I personally love the green bedroom bench, accent pillow and the clean crisp white bed linens.

Luxury BedroomWho knew shades of purple, mauve and gray would blend so well together to create an aura of beauty that emanates from this room? Purple is a great color scheme to add a sense of royalty to a bedroom.

Luxury BedroomWow! This luxury bedroom is stunning! The oriental vibe sets this room in a category by itself. The golden hues and deep splashes of red are so perfectly intertwined. I also adore the elegant rug.

Luxury BedroomThis is the most beautiful little girl’s bedroom I have ever seen! The plush white accent rug and furry blanket add a comforting effect to the room. The gold and white create elegance and the accent lamps add a feminine touch.

Luxury BedroomThis unique India theme takes stylish flair to new levels. The custom designed headboard and natural wood grain are a perfect backdrop for this room. Once again we see that golden hues rule. The lighted mirrors add to the cultural effect.

Luxury BedroomCanopy beds are ideal bed styles for real luxury. They make the entire room feel stunningly elegant as well as romantic. Large post canopy beds as seen in this style are great for larger bedrooms and are absolutely grand.

Luxury BedroomQuilted backdrops and elegant chandeliers add glamour. Ornamental seating, plush rugs and designer curtains truly complete this room. I love the round bed pillows and olive green sofa.

Seaside bedroom decorating ideas

Seaside Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Seaside bedroom decorating ideas are a beautiful way to decorate your bedroom. There is nothing any more amazing to me than the sea or ocean.

The sound of the crashing waves, soft sand under my feet, the refreshing salty water lapping at my legs and the bright warm sun on my skin.

It makes me just never want to leave. Well, if you feel the same way I do, why not bring that seaside home to your bedroom?

Are you looking for some creative beach front decor? Check out my favorite at Zazzle!

Seaside Bedroom Decorating IdeasBeautiful seaside off white bed with baby blue walls.

All it takes is some creativity and lots of love of the beach. Here are some great ways to get started with your seaside bedroom decorating ideas.
There are many beautiful choices of seaside and ocean theme bedroom furniture sets. I prefer the off white painted sets because they recreate the look of a sandy beach in color. Canopy beds seem to work the best as you can use a light-colored sheer canopy or mosquito netting to give a tropical feel to your room. Matching night stands, dressers and chest of drawers add to the theme.

To really bring the seaside relaxation to your bedroom you can also use sea or ocean theme wall murals or wall art.

Paint your walls a pale blue with off white or even sea shell colored trim throughout the room. Fluffy white goose down comforters and plump decorative bed pillows decorated with sea and ocean themes are additional ways to bring the sea to life in your room.

You can also use seashell theme picture frames and other accessories. Coral colors splashed throughout the room deliver an extra bit of personality.

If you want to go all out, install a tropical fish tank, utilize large sea shells for decor and pale colored over-sized stuffed chairs and off white or coral colored bedroom benches.

Seaside Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Soft gray-blue mixed with simple white gives this lovely room a feel of escaping to the coast. I love the wall mirror!

Amazing Do-It-Yourself Seaside Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Coastal Inspirations…

I want to share with you some of my absolute favorite ways to create unique yet amazingly beautiful seaside decor for your bedroom or any other room in your home where you want to add some ocean front vibe.

Seaside Bedroom Decorating IdeasAll you have to do to get this charming beach style table is paint a spare table glossy white, use wood glue and carefully glue different shapes and colors of sea shells down the edges (you can purchase these at most craft stores). Isn’t it pretty!

Seaside Bedroom Decorating IdeasWow! What a way to really give a nautical look to your curtains. Wonder how they did it? Super easy, simply wind some rope through your linen drapes and hang them up.

Seaside Bedroom Decorating IdeasThink about objects you would typically find on a beach and utilize them in your theme. This creative idea is built from old wood (to mimic the look of driftwood) sea shells and rope. It makes a nice art piece.

Seaside Bedroom Decorating IdeasDress up your table with this lovely candle decor. Sand, sand dollars and sea shells really give this candle a dramatic beach appeal.

Seaside Bedroom Decorating IdeasA breezy shadow box idea. I really love this! I am so ready to take seaside decorating to a new level!. What about you?

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