Decorating with Pine Cones

Pine Cone Wreath

Pine Cone Wreath

I love a nice pine cone wreath and with fall just around the corner I knew I needed to start thinking about some ways to really give my front door a personality befitting of the autumn season.

Of course pine cones are used in Christmas decorations but never underestimate the power of this rustic beauty during the colorful months of autumn.

pine cone wreath

Pine Cone WreathA foam wreath will just not hold the weight of pine cones nor will it properly keep its shape so I decided upon a grapevine wreath. It will not only hold the weight of the cones but it will also blend well if there are a few little spaces here and there that may show gaps. My favorite is Cinnamon scented cones. About 2 bags of these delightfully smelling mini cones will do the trick.Pine Cone Wreath DIYA glue gun is a must have for this project. I started filling in the middle row around the wreath with the larger sized pine cones gluing them along firmly as I went. Next, I used the smaller sized cones to fill in the tops and bottoms of the wreath.

Pine Cone WreathAfter filling my grapevine wreath with all of the cones and adorning it with a pretty green ribbon, it is ready to bring some sweet charm to my door. I love it!

So begins my little love affair with pine cone wreaths. I started seeking out some other creative designs to add to my wish list and you will be amazed at what I found.

Pine Cone Wreath
This wreath is just gorgeous. It can be used as a lovely addition to your fall decor and you can really make it work for a rustic Christmas theme with the pops of red.

Pine Cone WreathPhoto Courtesy of Creative
This wreath really says fall is here. If you have pine trees near your home they will give you a wealth of cute little or even large cones to work with. Little sprigs of greenery and berries add some color to this design. A sweet orange ribbon tops it all off.

Pine Cone WreathsAnother charming wreath idea that caught my eye. Adding bits of evergreen gives it a refreshing look and smell.

Pine Cone WreathsNow this is a wreath that announces that autumn is here. Pretty fall leaves and berries mix wonderfully with the pine cones. Super cute.

Pine Cone WreathAdd some colorful zest to your pine cone wreath with plastic fruit. It does not only work well on your door. Try hanging it on your porch banisters and drape it with some evergreen garland to add some flair.

Pine Cone WreathsCreative and whimsical. This pine cone and twig wreath will add a touch of rustic simplicity to any room. It also works wonders at adding some appeal to your front yard.

Pine Cone WreathThis pretty little wreath is so unique. A mixture of pine cones, tried, true and trusty grapevine wreath and a sweet little snow owl are perfect for fall decorating.

Pine Cone WreathsPhoto Courtesy of Four Generations One Roof
What a charming and inviting wreath.  Mix up your pine cones with items such as burlap ribbon which will never lead you astray when you are decorating rustic style.  I think the mixture of cute little white pumpkins add even more creativity and uniqueness to this wreath design.

pine cone decorating ideas

Pine Cones

Christmas Decorating with Pine Cones

Pine Cones are a charming and rustic way to decorate for the Christmas holidays. They are inexpensive and are very fun to use in do-it-yourself projects.  If you are looking for creative ideas to decorate your home with these little pieces of nature for the upcoming holiday season, stick around with me and I will show you some great ways to make beautiful holiday decorations.

Pine Cones

Simple decorating creates elegance. Look at how these beautiful cones add charm to a window! To get this look all you need are three good-sized cones, three long pieces of light green ribbon, pine wreath and garland.

Tie the ends of the ribbon to each cone creating a simple bow as pictured above. Tie the other ends of the ribbon to the top of your wreath spaced the same width apart, push the greenery back over the ribbon on the wreath to help hide the tie ins. Now hang the wreath above your window with a wreath hanger and drape your garland over the corners of the window. Simple as that! If you use real pine, you will love the smell of the pine!

Pine Cones

Create a lovely dining table centerpiece of pine cones in just minutes! To get this look you will need a red table runner, red votive candles, pine cones of different sizes, little silver cups and silver candle holders, glitter sprinkled stars that you can purchase at a craft store or make yourself using cardboard. Painting the cones is optional.

Pine Cones

This garland idea is absolutely beautiful. The perfect way to drape a door. To get this remarkable look all you need is several good-sized cones, pine garland, two Styrofoam craft balls, floral picks, and craft wire.

First you will need to attach each individual cone to a pick using craft wire, secure it tightly, after you finish, push each pick down into the craft ball and completely fill the front and sides of the ball with different sized cones. Do this for two craft balls (these will be for each corner of the door of your home).

Create a hook and attach each craft ball filed with cones to each corner of your door. Now drape your garland over the door loosely hanging and over the edges of the pine craft and you have a beautified Christmas door!

Pine Cones

Decorating your door or window with pine cones has never been so easy and so adorable.

This decoration can work as a piece of art for any occasion. All it takes is a glue gun, white ribbon with light brown polka dots, brown ribbon and some cones.

Pine Cones

Do you want to add some zest to the backs of your otherwise plain chairs for the holidays? This sweet arrangement can work well for Christmas or Thanksgiving. All you need are a lime green ribbon, a brown ribbon, some artificial holly berries, a regular cone and one that has been painted lime green. Love the yin and yang effect of this decor!

Pine Cones

What a woodsy rustic theme wreath! Very inexpensive to make and very versatile for the seasons. All you need is a plain Styrofoam wreath, craft picks, craft wire, different sized cones, silver craft spray paint, an elegant satin ribbon, and glue gun.

Spray a few of the pine cones with the silver craft paint and let dry. Wire each pine cone onto the craft picks, use glue where needed, and stick the picks into the Styrofoam wreath. Fill the wreath up on front and sides with cones and use the smaller sized cones to fill any gaps. Place the silver painted cones where ever you want to add some color in the wreath. After everything is set and any glue used is dried, tie the long satin ribbon into a pretty bow at the top and weave it down into the cones as seen in the picture above and you are finished creating an eye-catching wreath.

Pine Cones

An easy way to make pretty cone arrangements that you can put in glass or crystal bowls or string and hang as ornaments is by spray painting them silver, letting them dry then carefully painting some of the edges of the cones with red paint.


Pine cones are the most natural yet beautiful Christmas tree decorations. You can paint them, color them with glitter or even power them with fake snow and time a string around the base and you have a rustic little Christmas ornament.

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