Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Pine Cone Wreath

Pine Cone Wreath

I love a nice pine cone wreath and with fall just around the corner I knew I needed to start thinking about some ways to really give my front door a personality befitting of the autumn season.

Of course pine cones are used in Christmas decorations but never underestimate the power of this rustic beauty during the colorful months of autumn.

pine cone wreath

Pine Cone WreathA foam wreath will just not hold the weight of pine cones nor will it properly keep its shape so I decided upon a grapevine wreath. It will not only hold the weight of the cones but it will also blend well if there are a few little spaces here and there that may show gaps. My favorite is Cinnamon scented cones. About 2 bags of these delightfully smelling mini cones will do the trick.Pine Cone Wreath DIYA glue gun is a must have for this project. I started filling in the middle row around the wreath with the larger sized pine cones gluing them along firmly as I went. Next, I used the smaller sized cones to fill in the tops and bottoms of the wreath.

Pine Cone WreathAfter filling my grapevine wreath with all of the cones and adorning it with a pretty green ribbon, it is ready to bring some sweet charm to my door. I love it!

So begins my little love affair with pine cone wreaths. I started seeking out some other creative designs to add to my wish list and you will be amazed at what I found.

Pine Cone Wreath
This wreath is just gorgeous. It can be used as a lovely addition to your fall decor and you can really make it work for a rustic Christmas theme with the pops of red.

Pine Cone WreathPhoto Courtesy of Creative
This wreath really says fall is here. If you have pine trees near your home they will give you a wealth of cute little or even large cones to work with. Little sprigs of greenery and berries add some color to this design. A sweet orange ribbon tops it all off.

Pine Cone WreathsAnother charming wreath idea that caught my eye. Adding bits of evergreen gives it a refreshing look and smell.

Pine Cone WreathsNow this is a wreath that announces that autumn is here. Pretty fall leaves and berries mix wonderfully with the pine cones. Super cute.

Pine Cone WreathAdd some colorful zest to your pine cone wreath with plastic fruit. It does not only work well on your door. Try hanging it on your porch banisters and drape it with some evergreen garland to add some flair.

Pine Cone WreathsCreative and whimsical. This pine cone and twig wreath will add a touch of rustic simplicity to any room. It also works wonders at adding some appeal to your front yard.

Pine Cone WreathThis pretty little wreath is so unique. A mixture of pine cones, tried, true and trusty grapevine wreath and a sweet little snow owl are perfect for fall decorating.

Pine Cone WreathsPhoto Courtesy of Four Generations One Roof
What a charming and inviting wreath.  Mix up your pine cones with items such as burlap ribbon which will never lead you astray when you are decorating rustic style.  I think the mixture of cute little white pumpkins add even more creativity and uniqueness to this wreath design.

autumn decorating ideas

10 Amazing Autumn Decorating Ideas for your Front Porch

Brighten your front porch this fall with some autumn decorating ideas that create serious curb appeal.

Decorating for fall  is so much fun and it does not have to break the bank.  Whether you want to add just a few cute items to your porch that will draw your visitors in for a closer look or you want to make a bold statement showing the world how much you love the new and colorful season, I am excited to share with you some awesome ideas that my fellow bloggers have put together.  I cannot wait to try one of them for my porch this year.  The only problem is deciding upon which one because they are all so charming!

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Just Paint It

I could go on and on about how welcoming and cute this front porch decorating idea truly is but the picture says it all. Sweet southern charm at its finest. Even scraps like old wood can be painted and turned into a weathered looking Welcome sign. Straw wreaths are fun to decorate for fall. Pillow cases that feature fall designs or colors add a bold touch to a chair and this one does not disappoint. The scene would not be complete without the pumpkin and mums.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Stone Gable

This little front porch idea for autumn is so simple and clever. A fall colored throw draped over the back of a chair, some stacked pumpkins, and additions of mums and neutral colored candles are great ways to add some fall appeal to your front porch.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Adventures in Decorating

Are you worried you do not have a large enough porch to decorate? No fear! This idea is so lovely, warm and attractive. I think this dressed up chair is one of my favorite autumn decorating ideas.

Wagon Love!

Autumn Decorating Ideas

Do you have a wagon, wheelbarrow, wash tub or a large basket around the house? Put them to use with this pretty fall decorating idea. Load them up with pumpkins, gourds, straw, fall leaves, burlap and ribbons and watch the transformation from empty and drab to cuteness and fab.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of My Soulful Home
Mix and match different types and colors of pumpkins anywhere from the type you grow in the garden to the ones you get in the craft or decor section at the store. Place them in planters and on pedestals to add depth to your autumn decor. This autumn decorating idea works great next to your door or placed along porch steps.

Autumn Decorating IdeasColor is key to a great looking autumn front porch. Orange adds zest and enhances the look of fall. This sweet front porch idea is so inviting.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Fifi LePew

If you like birdhouses you will love this little idea. This will create an attractive perch upon your front porch banisters or on a table.

Autumn Decorating IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Old Centennial Farmhouse

I am in love with this porch! Talking about sweet southern charm. The wagon wheel draped with a homemade pineapple quilt, cornstalks, mums, pumpkins and gourds make this little porch corner demand to be the center of attention.

Autumn Decorating Ideas
Large pots and baskets of mums of different colors add variety and interest to your front porch. Create a fall theme garland for your door to make it even more inviting.

Autumn Decorating IdeasScarecrows add some playfulness to fall decor. This front porch is full of fall fun!

spring decorating ideas

Spring Decorating Ideas

I love these spring decorating ideas. They are so colorful and work wonders in waking up a sleepy winter home.

When spring approaches, we are all eager to escape the confines of winter and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Refreshing your front porch with seasonal décor tailored towards spring will most certainly make your front porch feel more lively and inviting for the upcoming season.

Spring Decorating Ideas

The first thing you should always do when getting your porch ready for spring is to perform a good clean-up job.   During the winter months, dead leaves and other debris tend to collect on the porch.  Sweeping and washing off your porch is a must do to prepare for the new season. If your porch is weathered and worn, a new coat of paint will really make it shine.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is all about new life and growth. Flowers start springing forth and grass starts growing.   The same should hold true for your porch décor.  It is the time everyone starts getting out and about and what better way to make your home inviting than to dress up your porch for spring?

Adding pots filled with hardy flowers and other greenery that are tolerable of the ever-changing spring climate will bring your porch from a state of drab winter blues to a more perky and welcoming grand entryway to your home. Pastel colored flower pots are perfect for making your porch feel more in tune with spring. New chair cushions go a long way in reviving a winter weary porch. Colors such as light blue, green, pink, yellow or other friendly hues will make great choices for your new look.

Spring Decorating ideas
Cute Spring Decorating Ideas

Mix match spring colored and floral accent pillows and happy backdrops are easy ways to add personality to your spring decorating ideas for your front porch. Add a lovely potted plant and you have a really lovely nook.

Spring Decorating Ideas

An inexpensive way to get your porch ready for spring is to hang a wreath upon your door which features fresh and vibrant spring flowers. I absolutely love this sweet yellow wreath.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Replace your doormat and create new character for your front porch.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Green is a lovely hue. Freshen up your outdoor seating with splashes of green and pops of color to create some sweet spring decorating ideas for your porch.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Cute bird’s nest basket accessories hung about the porch is sure to add some country charm. This item is easy to build and most supplies can be purchased from your local hobby store.

Spring Decorating Ideas

This porch is simple yet cheerful. Painting old rockers a bright and playful spring color will make your front porch demand attention.

Spring Decorating Ideas

This garden inspired scene creates an attractive focal point on this front porch. Absolutely lovely. Imagination and a bit of this and that found around the home are perfect ways to build a unique bit of porch decor for your home.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Keep it floral. Floral patterns are some of the most unique styles used in spring decorating ideas. Anything goes from bold and sassy to toned down pastel prints.

Front Porches Designs Inside Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for some front porch decorating ideas that are sure to create a warm welcome to your home?

I just love a big front porch! Nothing speaks good times with family and friends like a warm summer day relaxing in the old rocking chair, playfully swaying in the swing and having a nice cold glass of grandma’s southern tea, all while enjoying good company on the front porch.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

There are many amazing ways to make your porch attractive. Whether you are looking for seasonal decorating ideas, holiday inspirations or other ways to create a festive and charming porch, I am delighted to share some perfect ideas with you.

spring decorating ideas

Bring forth the life that comes with spring to your porch. Nothing makes a home happier and more inviting than charming spring porch decor.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

During the coldest months of the year, your front porch can still be friendly and inviting.  

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

A country-style front porch is sure to take you back in time to simple days in the summer sun.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Oh the many personalities of the front porch! There is the sweet and charming, elegant and irresistible, and even the eccentric and outrageous. This is the first place guests will be able to experience the character of your home so why not make that character shine?

Oh the many personalities of the front porch! There is the sweet and charming, elegant and irresistible, and even the eccentric and outrageous. This is the first place guests will be able to experience the character of your home so why not make that character shine?

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Build that perfect porch swing for your front porch project or create a style just your own.

Tips for front porch decorating ideas….

Choose your porch furniture according to the age groups of your users. Most older adults love bentwood rockers, comfortable wicker furniture with cozy cushions, and the classic porch swing. Teenagers, young adults and children do well with papa-san chairs, outdoor style bean bags and other lower sitting furniture choices. It is always good to have a combination of both styles of furniture on hand when in doubt.

Take the weather proofing qualities of your porch into consideration….

If your porch easily gets rain and other weather elements blown in then it is wise to be sure that your porch furniture is durable and weather resistant. There are several plastic substitutes for rattan furniture that really looks like the real thing and works wonderfully in all types of weather.

Add color and uniform style to your front porch décor….

If you have a grouping of mix-match furniture on your porch, you do not have to always go through the expense of purchasing new furniture that is all the same color. Using a high quality furniture paint will work wonders at getting everything the same color not to mention make your furniture look new again. Your porch will take on a look of professional decorating in no time. Color will add energy and life to your porch. Introduce bright and fresh colors in your upholstery, art and accessories to create pizzazz with your front porch decorating.

Add peaceful and relaxing sounds to your porch to create ambiance…

Table top or floor based water fountains will introduce a serene and calming environment with the sounds of waterfall to your porch. Wind chimes are also beautiful accessories to add zest and soothing sounds to your front porch scheme.

Art wakes everything up…

Just because your porch is outdoors, don’t think you must keep your walls bare. Large mirrors hung upon your porch walls will add dimension and reflect more of the beautiful outdoors, decorative outdoor signs and colorful wall art are pieces that will impress, as well as slate paintings to create a picturesque scene.

Have you checked out Wayfair?  The have some awesome outdoors furniture, patio sets and amazing home decor. 

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