I have been looking for some unique side table ideas to make tables for my living room. I kind of want something crafty and creative but have no clue where to start. At first, I checked out the local furniture stores thinking about taking the easy way out and just purchase a few, but most were way off budget or looked like the same thing you can find everywhere else. Who wants to be just like everyone else? Nope, not me, I want to stand out from the crowd. So, I started looking for some DIY tutorials for crafty (but not too difficult) side tables that will help me freshen up my living room decor. I am super excited to say I found some really neat ways to create a cute table…

Lightweight Cement Side Table

DIY Side Table Ideas Using Concrete

This side table idea captured my attention pretty quickly. I think it looks awesome not to mention very artsy. It would work perfectly in my living room. How on Earth can you make a table out of concrete and it not weigh a ton? Yea, I was wondering the same thing so check out the entire step-by-step tutorial to find out how to make this really light concrete table.

Rustic Natural Log Side Table


Wood and logs are popular for home decor these days, especially if you are trying to achieve a rustic or country style look. If you try to purchase one of these babies from a specialty furniture store, you will more than likely face a hefty price tag. Rather than dump your hard-earned money on a small table, why not just make it yourself for a fraction of the cost? This side table idea for log/wood slice accent furniture turned out unbelievably charming. It is not as hard to make as you may think, find out how to build one of your own.

Make a Side Table Out of Wood Pallets

Pallet End Table

Wooden pallets used to be used for nothing other than to transport products of some sort. Nowadays they have become infamous for all sorts of crafty ways to create lovely decor and furnishings for homes. I have been inspired by the ways you can turn a simple pallet into something delightfully appealing. I personally would paint mine a bold color because I just love lots of colors for my home however anything goes with these. Want to try out your first pallet table idea? If so, you should check out these endless ways to create a cute pallet table.

The Perfect Wooden End Table



If you are trying to find side table ideas that more closely match the types of furniture you would see at your local furniture store, this beautiful and very practical table is a win-win.

It features a lovely finish and plenty of shelf space to keep all of the things you need right at your finger tips. I think the dark stain finished top and bottom are gorgeous with the white middle shelf and table legs. Want to build yours? Just check out this easy tutorial.

Crate Style Side Table Ideas


Another way to create an awesome table whether it is a side table or a nice coffee table is by building it from wooden crates. What a great repurpose idea! The table pictured above is so unique that it makes it the perfect conversational piece of furniture. If you are interested in discovering how you can turn a simple wooden crate into a beautiful home furnishing, just head over here to find out more.