These 5 amazing Valentines Day Wreath Ideas are sure to dress up your front door.  In addition, they will make your home warm and inviting during the sweetest time of the year.

The 5 Most Popular Valentines Day Wreaths

Valentines Day Wreath

This bright and happy wreath is a fun DIY project you can finish in one day.

The supplies you will need are:

  • a metal wreath ring
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Red and white striped deco mesh
  • A mixture of different ribbons (white with red polka dots, red print, Chevron striped and Valentine theme ribbons)
  • Wide wired burlap ribbon
  • Heart accents
  • A wooden or metal heart
  • A clip for clipping the heart to the wreath
  • Wooden letters that spell “Love”

First, paint your heart however you like. Lovely stripes of red, white and pink and a distressed look makes this heart have a country appeal. Additionally, the letters are painted red and glued to the heart once dry. As soon as those steps are completed, you need to glue the clip to the back of the heart so that you will be able to clip it snuggly into the wreath.

After your heart is finished, weave your deco mesh ribbon through the metal wreath ring and secure it every 6 inches or so with twisting on a red pipe cleaner. After you have filled the entire wreath with the deco mesh, clip the heart securely into the deco mesh. Simply press it down and find part of the metal wreath to clip it on. 

Now you can start adding the rest of your ribbon in loops. Secure them around the metal wire wreath as you go with more pipe cleaners. Play with the design as much as you like because you need to focus on filling in any gaps. Just start around the heart and work your way across the wreath. Isn’t it gorgeous!

Make all of these Valentines Day Wreaths Using the Same General Method

Valentines Day Wreath Grapevine

This is another charming and easy to make Valentines Day Wreath. Whimsy and delicate, create this easy DIY project with a grapevine wreath, lace fern vine or other greenery, red flowers of your choice, a pretty burlap bow and a wooden heart or other decorative Valentine themed accent.

Valentines Day Wreath Mason Jar

What a darling Valentines Day Wreath! The cute chalkboard jar gives this design a bit of country charm and deco mesh again wins the day. The comingled ribbons and accents add a personal and unique touch that will leave your guests in awe. Don’t forget that these crafts make thoughtful Valentines’ Day gifts as well.

Valentines Day Wreath Cupid

This one is absolutely darling. I love it! In my quest to figure out what was used to embellish this Valentines day wreath with the cupid accents, I found the cupid wreath kit they used. The bright red, white and pink ribbons and deco mesh draw you in to take a closer look.

Valentines Day Wreath Burlap Heart
All Months Decor

Keeping it minimal is just as lovely and this beautiful red burlap heart wreath does not disappoint. Accented with a striped chevron ribbon, this wreath makes a classy statement.